Rethinking stereotypes: unlearning biological stories

This lesson is the jumping off point for the course, it helps us un-learn some of the deepest messages we've internalized. It can help us question some basic, deep assumptions of how we think the world works. I'm hoping that by questioning what you always thought was obvious, you'll be able to make space for new ideas.

These links are the "lecture" that helps you prepare for the in-class work. Work through the links, and answer the prep questions before coming to class.

Rethinking Stereotypes, Biological stories

This video shows one of my favorite teaching activities. It's one of the first things we do in the term because it sets the tone for the whole class. We often refer back to "which side of the board are you on for this one?"

This worksheet is meant to be worked in groups of 3, so you can help each other think through the difficult parts and learn from each other's perspectives

Rethinking worsheet.pdf

This video shows the full 45 minute intro to the group work

Here are some great things that I couldn't include in the lesson, if you're interested, keep looking!

Extra materials Rethinking