Agent ignorance: you CANNOT get it

This lesson looks at all the ways that Agents are trained to NEVER see their unfair advantages. We want to get away from the idea that Agents are willfully being ignorant, to recognize that WE will also be just as ignorant as soon as we're in the agent seat. Being able to empathize with each other: on the one hand, targets are exhausted, angry and IMPATIENT (with good reason), and on the other, agents are confused, lost and trying their best (ideally).

These links are the "lecture" that helps you prepare for the in-class work. Work through the links, and answer the prep questions before coming to class.

This handout introduces a term I made up to talk about the ways Agents are TRAINED to NOT see their advantages

Agent ignorance handout.pdf

This worksheet is meant to be worked in groups of 3, so you can help each other think through the difficult parts and learn from each other's perspectives

ignorance worksheet.pdf

This video summarizes some of the ideas we worked on in the prep materials and worksheet.

Here are some great things that I couldn't include in the lesson, if you're interested, keep looking!

Ingorance Extra materials