Everyday Social Justice

still under construction!!

Some stuff is already up, but some is still missing. I'm hoping to get everything uploaded by September 2018. In the meantime, feel free to email me!

This site is for folks who are new to social justice ideas, and for teachers who work introducing social justice concepts.

I teach Women's Studies from an intersectional point of view, which is effectively teaching Social Justice. I have an amazing job that lets me think about the best ways we can show up for each other, bringing solidarity and decency into the ways we connect.

I specialize in breaking down ideas for beginners. I love teaching introductory classes and helping folks keep moving when they're stuck.

My favorite way of teaching is called a Flipped Classroom. The basic idea is that the more "passive" work, in which people are receiving new content (the Lecture) is done at their own pace, so they can replay difficult ideas and process them a bit before coming to class. This frees up the most valuable resource, which is our together-time in class. We use the in-person time to solve problems and apply concepts (typically done alone, as homework, or exam-prep).

This website has all of my lesson plans, syllabi and exercises that I've been curating and creating for years. I hope some of it is useful, please feel free to reach out with questions and comments, I love geeking out about how to teach social justice!