PBL High library

Wonder is the beginning of wisdom. Socrates


The mission of PBL High School Library is to provide an inviting and engaging learning environment while providing services that support and enhance teaching, literacy and learning.

Words are powerful!

They can heal, promote wonder, create empathy, joy, and adventure. However, words can also cause sorrow, create questions, and spark triggers. Each reader responds differently to words written on a page. If a book causes negative feelings, STOP READING and CHOOSE ANOTHER BOOK. Please be aware that teachers, counselors and the school social worker are here to help.

Book Checkout:

  • A student can check out books both on-line and in-person. In order to check out books on-line a student must go to the check out book form on the Virtual Library or the Catalog page of this website.

  • Due dates are always on the last day of the quarter except at the end of the year (TBD).

  • There is a .10 fine per day if a book is turned in late.

Chromebook Checkout

  • A student can check out a Chromebook and/or charger from the library if he/she does not have one for the day.

  • This Chromebook will be checked out by the student when needed and must be returned at the end of the school day. The Chromebook will be checked out on the student’s library account.

Coming from Study Hall:

  • Prior to going to study hall, students must get a pass from the library if they want to come to the library during Study Hall. There could be times when Mrs. Dudley and myself are out of the library.

  • Students must come directly to the library immediately after checking in with the study hall teacher.

Library Rules:

  • Students must have a pass to be in the library from library staff or teacher.

  • When possible, there should be no more than two students per table and students should be sitting diagonally to social distance. Remember to stay 3 feet apart.

  • All students must be quietly working on classwork, reading, or enjoying the environment.

  • Talking should be kept to a low volume when necessary.

  • Students must ask permission before leaving the library. Students should have a pass if going back to class, office, etc.

  • Students should not leave before the bell rings.

  • One redirect and one warning will be given for poor behavior. Student will then be asked to go back to class, study hall or library.

  • All students will respect the property of the library and property of others.

  • All technology must be used responsibly.

Teachers, we may be able to help!

Let us assist you and/or students with:

  • Finding a book for recreation. Books can be a great way to relax.

  • Scheduling classes to come to the library.

  • Book Talks. If you decide to have your students read books on certain themes, topics, eras, etc., I can pull books and talk about them to get students interested.

  • Research Skills/Strategies-Credible Sources, Citations, Paraphrasing, Plagiarism, etc.

  • Using the Card Catalog-How to find books of interest, topics, era, people, etc.

  • Database Instruction. Did you know that we have a great database that has articles on varying topics from thousands of periodicals, books and newspapers? This is a great source for reciprocal teaching, research, reading for interest and leveled readings.

  • Project-Based Learning Collaboration. We can help you plan your project/unit.

  • Leveled Reading.

  • Reading for Recreation. We cab help students choose books at their reading level and interests.

  • Change of Environment.

  • Student Collaboration.

  • Book, Chromebook, Charger Checkout.

  • Providing a Quiet Place. Sometimes students just need a quiet place.

  • Reading or Writing Assignments-We can help create graphic organizers, find adapted books, and other methods to help students through reading and writing difficulties. We can also work with students individually.

Please let us know how we can assist you this year!

MEET THE INTERNS! Let the interns assist you when Ms. Houser and Mrs. Dudley are unavailable.

4th Hour

Eva Hileman

Jesse Barfield

5th Hour

Guadalupe Tufino

Aiden Kerr


Elliot Eichner


Sara Hewerdine


700 W. Orleans

Paxton, IL 60957

217-379-4331 EXT. 200/EXT. 201

dmhouser@pblpanthers.org, kdudley@pblpanthers.org

Library open: M-F, 7:45-3:30