UP Student Profiles

United Patterson is an initiative centered around the educational successes of members within our community. As a result, we have worked with our local newspaper partner, the Patterson Irrigator to produce monthly profiles of successful individuals who were former Patterson students.

Do you know a Patterson High graduate who is doing great things and represents the spirit of United Patterson? Contact Johnny Padilla at jpadilla@patterson.k12.ca.us or Denise Sullivan at dsullivan@patterson.k12.ca.us.

John Minton - Class of 2013

John Minton_Feb_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Kiara Job - Class of 2014

Kiara Job_Nov_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Areli Dohner-Chavez - Class of 2002

Areli Dohner-Chavez_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Skylar Job - Class of 2013

Skylar Vaughn Job_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Sulma Guzman - Class of 2002

Sulma Guzman_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Alexis J. Zaragoza - Class of 2016

Alexis _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Leanne Cozart - Class of 2006

Leanne Cozart_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Jovanah Arrington - Class of 2014

Jovanah Arrington _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Adriana Araisa - Class of 2008


Kosi Agbuli - Class of 2016

Kosi _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Freddie Galvan - Class of 1997

Freddie Galvan_Jan_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Alejandra Garibay - Class of 2009

Alejandra Garibay_Dec_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Erica Ayala - Class of 2004

Erica Ayala_August_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Sharon Lizotte - Class of 2009

Sharon Sun Lizotte _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Yasmin Moreno - Class of 2013

Yazmin Moreno_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Christopher A. Teran - Class of 2012

Ryan DeForest - Class of 2013

Ryan DeForest_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Jessica Carranza - Class of 2010

Jessica Carranza _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Benjamin Sierra - Class of 2003

Benjamin _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Cindy Garcia - Class of 2007

Cindy _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Katie Jones - Class of 2006

Katie Jones_September_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Linsey Kapoor - Class of 2003

Linsey Kapoor_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Alex Collazo-Zavalza - Class of 2013

Alex Collazo-Zavalza_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Kayley Vaid - Class of 2015

Kayley Vaid_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Ximena Garcia - Class of 2013

Ximena _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Jordan Canseco - Class of 2014

Jordan Canseco_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Jake Saavedra - Class of 2010


Elizabeth Kelly - Class of 2010

Elizabeth _Profile_6x6.5.pdf

Antonio Venegas - Class of 2015

Antonio Venegas-Ledezma_Profile_6x6.5.pdf

For more information contact:

Johnny Padilla

Communications & Grant Coordinator

Patterson Joint Unified School District