United Patterson is dedicated to supporting an infrastructure that strives to continually improve the lives of its community members by promoting higher education, economic diversification, and growth through cooperative solutions.


United Patterson (UP) is an innovative initiative (not an organization) where Patterson schools, businesses, churches, local governments, parents, students and social service agencies all unite under a single vision: Making Dreams Become a Reality. What is the dream? To support an infrastructure that strives to continually improve the lives of its community members by promoting higher education, economic diversification and growth through cooperative solutions.

Modeled after the “No Limits” Neighborhoods implemented in Amarillo, Texas, UP seeks to expand the efforts of the “No Excuses University,” a nation-wide program striving to prepare every student for success beyond high school, and become a “No Excuses” Community. This is accomplished by continuously building and maintaining a network of stakeholders of all forms throughout the community to not only prepare students for the needs of the 21st Century, but also to prepare the community as a whole for such needs as society evolves and workplace and societal expectations shift towards more skilled demands. Post-secondary education, whether through college, career schools, technical training, certifications, or military, is no longer an option; it is a necessity for working residents of all ages. UP seeks to utilize its network to provide a meaningful support system where resources and expertise are easily shared and available for all members of the community. Not only should students have a plan, the community should have one too.


Through a strong network of partners, UP has the potential to effect large-scale change within its community so that more students return to Patterson after college, more parents are able to make livable wages, so that a culture of big dreams are mainstreamed community-wide, and so that Patterson has the necessary infrastructure to provide, support, and attract higher paying jobs so that such dreams can become a reality.

Still early in its existence, Patterson has made significant strides in the community since its 2015 inception. With a focus on strengthening the network and outreach, UP has recruited over 60 local groups and organizations throughout the community.Patterson children, parents, residents and visitors alike are becoming accustomed to the “UP” logo spotted throughout town and within partner facilities. The symbol alone should spark conversation about what a “No Excuses” Community is, and what kind of plan the individual or organization has. This will ultimately affect the culture and the mindset of anyone who comes across it, reminding them that higher education is a possibility, that resources are available for community support and business growth, and that Patterson has the overall infrastructure to promote success. The next step is finding where those resources are; that is where the diverse network of partners fits in.

Through feedback and communication through the network, UP has helped to develop important partnerships with the local warehouse distribution centers, and has even indirectly connected with organizations outside the Patterson borders such as Modesto Junior College and the Stanislaus County Business Alliance to integrate college and career-oriented course content for the School District’s Adult Education program. Some courses include: High School Diploma and GED, ESL and Citizenship, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), and Lift Truck Operations and Safety training. Additionally, some United Patterson partners, such as Amazon have dedicated to hire at least 10 Patterson High School students a year. These connections are just a small sample of both the accomplishments and the possibilities United Patterson has as its network continues to grow and strengthen. Over the course of the next few years, UP seeks to expand its role in the community by focusing on important matters or deficiencies within the community, and utilizing its diverse network of partners to address those needs by highlighting existing, or even introducing new unique resources available through a vast number of connected organizations.

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2015-16 UP Report

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2016-17 UP Report

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