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Family Engagement promotes equitable partnerships among schools, families, and communities to actively advance student achievement through shared commitment, decision-making, and responsibility.​​


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Family Engagement Is...

Family Engagement Isn't

Why is family engagement important and effective in education?

Flamboyan Foundation Research

The Flamboyan Foundation has collected research from various studies that confirms: 

"Students do better in school and in life when their families are engaged. A strong body of evidence is clear that family engagement, from birth through adolescence, contributes to a range of positive student outcomes: 

Schools benefit from family engagement. Emerging evidence suggests that family engagement can have important benefits for the inner-functioning of schools: 

Family Engagement vs Family Involvement

Engagement is not the same as involvement.  The goal in family engagement is to move beyond participation and attendance at events into partnerships and two way communication;  this can make real change to improve student success, school environments, and shared decision making.

Want a different way to engage your families, to go beyond the same old cookie-cutter efforts that haven't produced much success?
View this extraordinary webinar on the Multi-Tiered Strategic Approach to Family Engagement. Director Dr. Barbara Boone and Family Engagement Researcher, Hadley Bachman, share research and strategies that launch student success through family engagement. Learn how to apply the multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) model to develop expanded home-school program partnerships to support learning and healthy development.
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