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Inspiring Mastery and Professional Growth through the Advancement of Curriculum and Technology 

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micro-credentialing program

This credential certifies a teacher's ability to integrate modern technology into classroom teaching, not just as a tool but as a visionary who shapes the future of education. They are capable of leveraging the potential of educational technology to foster innovative learning environments. 

This credential validates the teacher's exceptional skills in fostering early literacy development. These teachers employ a wide range of pedagogical strategies to encourage reading and writing skills and to inspire a love for literacy in their students. 

This credential recognizes a teacher's expert understanding and application of evidence-based instructional strategies, differentiation techniques, and varied teaching styles to meet diverse student needs and maximize student learning. 

This micro-credential validates the teacher's capability to integrate socio-emotional learning into their teaching practices. They know how to cultivate empathy, emotional intelligence, and resilience in students, enhancing their overall wellbeing and learning abilities. 

This credential certifies a teacher's proficiency in integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and concepts into their teaching practice. Teachers with this credential have demonstrated their ability to harness AI's potential to enhance student learning experiences, differentiate instruction using AI-driven insights, and foster critical thinking about the ethical implications and uses of AI in society.


Teachers holding this credential are recognized for their exemplary skills in differentiating instruction to meet the diverse needs of all students. These educators consistently design lessons that accommodate various learning styles, interests, and readiness levels. They effectively use assessments, flexible grouping, and diverse resources to ensure every student is challenged and supported at their own level.

This micro-credential certifies a teacher's proficiency in integrating game-based learning and gamification strategies into their teaching practice. They can effectively use games to enhance student engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. 

The purpose of this micro-credential is to help elementary teachers looking to incorporate engineering design and STEM into their pedagogy. Engineering design, an integral part of STEM education, is an engaging, hands-on method focused on problem-solving, perseverance, and integration of content. Learners will understand what engineering design looks like at the elementary level, how to plan meaningful engineering projects for students, and how to guide students through the process. 

This micro-credential acknowledges a teacher's expertise in the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework. Recognized teachers excel in implementing a comprehensive approach to address individual student needs, whether academic, behavioral, or social-emotional. They effectively use data-driven practices to guide interventions and adjust instruction across multiple tiers, ensuring all students receive the appropriate level of support. 

This micro-credential validates a teacher's specialized knowledge and skills in supporting students with dyslexia. Teachers with this credential have completed the Ohio Department of Education's Dyslexia training program. They are proficient in dyslexia identification methods, evidence-based instructional strategies, and accommodations that help students with dyslexia succeed in the classroom. (This micro-credential is not applicable to the district's building goals requirement for the 2023-2024 school year if completed before 8-1-23.)

This micro-credential certifies a teacher's expertise in incorporating culturally responsive practices within their classroom. Teachers with this credential demonstrate a deep understanding of the cultural backgrounds and lived experiences of their students. They have the ability to create an inclusive classroom environment where every student feels valued and understood.  

Develop your own micro-credential

This micro-credential allows teachers to create their own unique professional development path based on their interests and areas they wish to grow in. With this "blank badge," teachers propose a learning objective, competency, or skill they want to develop. They then design a learning plan, outlining the steps, resources, and methods they will use to achieve this goal. 

Classroom Management Master Micro-credential is a specialized professional development program designed to empower educators with the essential tools and strategies for creating an effective and engaging learning environment. Participants will learn proven techniques for managing diverse classrooms, fostering positive behavior, and optimizing student learning outcomes. Join us on a journey to become a Classroom Management Master and enhance your teaching skills. 

The Critical Thinking Curator micro-credential is designed for educators who aspire to elevate their teaching practices by integrating advanced critical thinking skills into their classrooms. This program focuses on nurturing, developing, and assessing critical thinking in students across all subjects and grade levels. Participants will explore a range of strategies, tools, and approaches to foster an environment where questioning, analysis, and reflection are not just encouraged but become a natural part of the learning process.

The Sports Science Sage micro-credential is designed for physical education teachers seeking to deepen their understanding and application of sports science principles in their teaching practice. This credential focuses on the integration of exercise physiology, nutrition, sports psychology, and content gamification into the physical education curriculum to enhance student athletic performance and understanding of health and fitness. 

The "Financial Literacy Facilitator" micro-credential is designed to empower educators with the skills and knowledge to teach high school students the essentials of personal finance. This program aims to bridge the gap between theoretical economic concepts and practical financial skills, enabling students to navigate the complexities of the financial world with confidence and acumen. The micro-credential focuses on content knowledge and emphasizes effective teaching strategies to make financial concepts accessible and engaging for high school students. 

The "Historical Inquiry Innovator" micro-credential is a specialized program designed for high school history teachers who are passionate about transforming the way history is taught and learned in the classroom. This program focuses on equipping educators with advanced skills in historical research, critical analysis, and creating engaging, case-study-based learning experiences. The program emphasizes fostering a classroom environment where students are encouraged to ask questions, think critically, and engage deeply with historical content.

This program empowers high school teachers to integrate computer science principles into their teaching practices, fostering a generation of students equipped with critical technological skills. As a Computer Science Strategist, learners will delve into the foundational elements of programming, data analysis, and system design, tailored to enhance the curriculum. Participants will explore how to utilize technology to create inclusive learning experiences that cater to diverse learning styles while encouraging ethical digital citizenship and an understanding of the societal impacts of technology. 

The Executive Functioning micro-credential is designed to equip educators with the tools and strategies necessary to enhance the executive skills of their students. This program delves into the core areas of executive functioning, including task initiation, sustained attention, planning, organization, and emotional regulation. 

This micro-credential validates a teacher's specialized knowledge and skills in supporting students using the strategies of The Science of Reading. Teachers with this credential have completed the Ohio Department of Education's Science of Reading Pathway A training program.