The Magis Program

The word ‘Magis’ in Latin means the more, the better, the deeper. It refers to the philosophy of doing more for Christ, and therefore doing more for others. Doing the Magis, is an aspiration and inspiration in all that we do in life.

What is the Magis Program?

The Magis Program has been designed to help you grow as a person. It is also hoped you will learn more about yourself and how you can help other people. In order to do this you will need to spend 15 hours of community service and reflecting upon your Magis experiences with your tutor teacher.

The founder of the Jesuits, St Ignatius Loyola believed that the way to God was through helping and serving others. In order to help his followers reflect of their lives and experiences he developed a set of reflections known as Spiritual Exercises. At the end of these he asks his followers to love and serve in everything they do.

Christ asks us all to “service” and this involves using all aspects of our personality and our talents. It can involve challenges, risks and doing things that are different to what you may have experienced before. This can be difficult for all of us and involves stepping outside what you normally do and see as comfortable.

Having the chance to serve and help others is a privilege. Having the chance to help someone gives you a good feeling, boosts your self esteem and makes you aware of the struggles other people have. You can’t take away pain or loneliness, but you can be compassionate. In Latin, compassion means “to suffer with”.

While Jesus was on earth he felt what it was to hurt and to suffer. You only have to remember how upset he was when his friend Lazarus died to realise that he felt all the emotions we do. He suffered with and helped those he met. He ministered to anyone who asked.

Often it wasn’t the most comfortable thing for him to do – even his first miracle (The Wedding at Cana) was ‘performed’ under duress. He didn’t really want to make a scene at someone else’s wedding and only did it as a favour for his mother. Any time you have reached out to your friends and helped them through a difficult time, you have ministered to them. You have probably also suffered with them as you tried to help them through this time.

Introduction to the Magis Program 2018

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The Magis Program 2018

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