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Support continues 7 days a week, regardless of local COVID restrictions - scroll down for details

Keeping dads alive and in their kids lives

Established Fathers Day 1999

FREE Workshops

Online Legal Workshop

Friday 1st October 2021, 7pm-9pm

Join us online from the comfort of your own home for the FREE family law workshop with Sydney based Family Lawyer and 'dads Law' expert, Adam Jones. Adam will cover topical issues and take questions from those present.

Managing Parental Conflict

Online workshop coming soon

Join us online for this free expert workshop on understanding and managing post separation parental conflict. 30 min talk followed by Q&A with our resident experts. Registration coming soon here and at our Facebook page.

Support Services

FREE Online Separated Dad Meetings

Dad friendly meeting with peers - other dads who've been through or are still going through it. 100% confidential support. No booking, registration or prep - just click the link to join at times shown, Sundays to Fridays. Works on smart phones, tablets and computers.

During COVID restrictions, all meetings are online.

Every Monday @ 7.20pm (Sydney, NSW)

Every Tuesday @ 7.20pm (Sydney, NSW)

Every Wednesday @ 7.20pm (Sydney, NSW)

Every Thursday @ 7.20pm (Sydney, NSW)

Every Friday @ 7.00pm (Sydney, NSW)

Every Sunday @ 6.50pm (Sydney, NSW)


FREE Separated Dad Telephone Helpline

Dad friendly telephone helpline manned by dads who've been through it themselves. 100% confidential support. No booking needed - just call us during the times shown.

Call 1300 853 437

Helpline is open

  • Monday - Saturday (closed Sundays)

  • 8.30am to 5pm

  • Special holidays inc. Christmas & Fathers Day


FREE Booked one to one support call

Dad friendly mentoring call with one of our trained facilitators who is also a peer dad. 100% confidential. Send a text or email with preferred times and we'll book you in for a discussion.

To arrange a mentoring call, text 0498 970805 or email

Subject to facilitator availability, mentoring calls are generally operate 7 days a week, from around 8am to 10pm.

Note, above mobile number is text only, not calls.

Mentoring calls are generally for up to 45 mins.


Support calendar

Feeling hesitant?

I sat outside the group 6-7 times before I walked in

This dad is now a regular weekly attendee. He's glad he walked in. Thats the thing about sitting amongst peers. You'll find us always welcoming, male friendly, understanding and caring.

I've lost trust. Can what I say be used against me?

We're dads who've been through it, looking after dads who are going through it. We really do get 'men' and confidentiality is guaranteed. You need a safe non judgemental place to say your thing and we provide it.

There's no support that can help me / my situation

We don't claim to know it all but as dads who've been through it, with 21 years experience behind us, we've pretty much seen most things. And, who doesn't benefit from caring mates who are willing to help.

Help raise awareness

Download poster / leaflet

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Shows support services outside of periods of COVID related restriction and therefore, the normal services on an ongoing basis. During COVID restriction, services convert to online and are listed above and kept up to date with latest restrictions..