Principal's message

Tena koutou, Talofa lava, Malo lelei, Namaste, Kia orana, Fakaalofa atu, as-salām 'alaykum, Greetings

In our drive to accelerate student achievement the school is asking tough questions of ourselves. One of the key areas is staff capability. Teaching is a highly complex activity and are we skilled enough in all domains? The answer is we aren't. That should be no surprise as we have 11 beginning teachers this year and they need support and guidance. What is really pleasing is seeing the immediate improvement in writing as the teachers take on board and use the new learning.

This term our concept for our integrated curriculum model is Transformation, with a key focus on Science. It's exciting to see the Junior students seeing themselves as scientists as they carry out simple investigations and experiments. This week the Science Roadshow was based at our school for a few days, student engagement was extremely high. It was fantastic to hear students using scientific vocabulary. The ability to use this language will help them at NCEA.

The school has purchased licences for our students to access online reading and math programmes, although valuable at school they are primarily designed to support student learning at home. We encourage parents to arrange access to Reading Eggs and Mathletics if they want to support their child in accelerating their academic progress.

The school has 2 Staff Only Days this term. The first one will be held on the 24th May with the focus being on Cooperative Learning. Cooperative Learning is a pedagogy that the school believes delivers great outcomes for diverse groups of students. The second day will be held on the 2 June with the focus being on Restorative Practice. We believe restorative practice will help strengthen the resilience skills our students need. SKIDS can provide care for your child during the school day.

Ko te Tamaiti te Putake o te Kaupapa, the child at the heart of the matter.

Mark Barratt MBA (Southern Cross University) MEd (Australian Catholic University) MEd (University of Auckland)