ICT Department 2019

Teachers of the ICT department:

Mr V. Tuhoe: Head of Department

Introduction: Information Communication Technology

The proper artistic response to 'Digital Technology' is to embrace it as a new window and to use it with passion.

This subject will help students build the skills and gain the knowledge required for their future career. It will broaden their view of how Technology is constantly changing our world. All students who choose Information and Communication Technology will be introduced to a variety of activities/ tasks where they will gain the skills and knowledge about design, robotics, animation, troubleshooting, hardware and software, coding, 3D printing, web design, photography and video editing etc...

Below is a list of links towards future courses. Make sure to check the careers tab for more information.

*Web Designing

*Game Programming

*Logo Design


*Softwares and Programs

*Photography, Image editing, Studio lighting etc..