MHS World Water Day 2019

Manchester High School received another GAR Educator’s Initiative Grant!

This will allow teachers to submerge students in more activities to learn the importance of freshwater and how to protect it. This Spring, MHS students will participate in hosting a World Water Day Event, in cooperation with the Summit Country Metroparks, on Friday March 22th, 2018 from 5 pm-7:30 pm. The best student projects of the year will be on display in our cafeteria during the event. There will also be family activities and games to teach our community about freshwater and composting. People will have the opportunity to experience water issues through virtual reality, monitor the health of a stream with a macroinvertebrate simulator, calculate their water use, and view videos on water crisis created by our students.


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See last year's Schedule of Events. 2019 Schedule will be coming soon!!