Panpacific University Learning Development Center ( PanpacificU LDC ) anchors its objectives on its vision statement which is “Panpacific University will be a total university of choice in the pan pacific rim”. It paves the way to translate values of pioneer, compassion, service, and truth to its stakeholders as they learn not only concepts but more so acquire practices and skills to building better lives.

PanpacificU LDC aims to:

  1. offer up-to-date multi-disciplinal and disciplinal developments;

  2. offer learning activities such as seminars, workshops, trainings, technical lectures, modules, tours, visits, forum, conferences to address different disciplines in the enhancement of learning competencies;

  3. update and enrich the learning experiences of the students

  4. guarantee the learning of concepts relevant to the different disciplines that will help improve students’ abilities; and

  5. insure the acquisition of skills and practices deem functional in the different disciplines for a satisfying career.


IT Learning Center (ILC)

Leadership Training and Development Center (LTDC)