Frequently Asked Questions

Teacher Questions

Question: How can I get answers about the Trailblazers program?

Question: These SMART interactive displays look awesome! I am in the new Trailblazer program at Elementary Schools starting this summer. When will Trailblazers get these at Elementary Schools?

  • Answer: They are coming to you too, just not to start the new school year. The focus to start the 2018 school year for elementary school Trailblazers is getting trained as a Google Certified Educator. Your blended summer training will teach you how to use G Suite of Tools, including G Classroom with your new set of touch screen convertible Dell Chromebooks. We believe you will be comfortable with that new technology and ready to learn more starting early 2019. Because we are prioritizing training with deployment of technology, any sooner than that would be too much, too soon.

Principal Questions

Question: I understand that my Trailblazer teachers will be getting the SMART interactive displays during the 2018-2019 school year. Will I be getting them for my other classroom teachers? If so, when?

  • Answer: Yes, SMART displays will be coming to all rooms over the next few years. Ed Tech is working with academic leadership on developing the whole school distribution plan. That information will be shared when it is available.

Question: Can our school get a SMART interactive display system to use for staff trainings and public events?

  • Answer: We anticipated this need and are providing a larger 86" panel for each school media center by spring 2019. Training will be provided to the media specialist in conjunction with this system. That system can be used by students in the media center during the day, or moved to other areas in the school as needed for special events after hours and for staff trainings.

Question: I understand these systems are going into classrooms. However, we have grant or other school based funding source and would like to put a system in a teacher training lab or conference room. Can we purchase a system with internal funds?

  • There are options for height adjustable, wall mounted SMART interactive display systems that will be made available later in the school year for schools to purchase for special, non-classroom areas. There is also a smaller, 65" panel size that may be more appropriate for a smaller conference room. The project priority is to deliver training and get the systems into the hands all Trailblazer teachers during the 2018-2019 school year. Directions for how schools can make extra purchases will be shared later in the school year when this option opens up.