Welcome to Plumosa SOA

Afterschool Program

The purpose of the Department of Extended Learning is to facilitate opportunities for quality afterschool programs which meet the fundamental needs common to all students during afterschool hours. It is important that students have access to the best possible opportunities to develop into healthy, well adjusted and responsible adults.

After School Staff

Our staff working in our afterschool program are highly qualified.

Staff must gain clearance through District security and background checks and are Level 2 screened through Clearinghouse.

Staff are First Aid/CPR/AED certified and must complete twelve additional hours of professional development annually.

We are extremely lucky to have staff both devoted to help our students become STAR Citizens, while achieving their personal goals.

Our Staff

Left to right: Mr. O, Ms. Rose, Ms. Loidy, Ms. Rapha, Ms. Amber, Ms. Bria, Ms. Emilda, Ms. Elise, and Mr. L.