Palmyra-Macedon Therapy Dog PROGRAM

Welcome to the Palmyra-Macedon Central School District Therapy Dog Program

Academic Benefits of a dog in the classroom

  • Improves attendance and decreases tardiness
  • Students turn in homework more often and increase performance in other subjects
  • Reinforces learning
  • Motivates speech, learning, and exercise
  • Stimulates the senses
  • Facilitates counseling
  • Does not judge, criticize, or laugh and they are less intimidating than peers

Social Benefits of a dog in the classroom

  • Students build self esteem, confidence, social skills, and communication skills
  • Trusting relationships are formed
  • Fosters feelings of safety and acceptance
  • Decreases loneliness, anxiety, anger, and depression
  • Teaches unconditional love and acceptance,
  • Teaches to give instead of receive
  • Encourages positive social behaviors
  • Lowers blood pressure and increases relaxation
  • Inspires people to laugh, smile and have fun!
  • Teaches Responsibility
  • Take dog to the bathroom
  • Fill the water bowl
  • Time the rest (naps) and play time
  • Keep the dog groomed (most grooming will be done at home by the handler)
  • Clean the toys and bedding
  • Restrict treats
  • Award good behavior