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Paintsville Independent was founded in 1889 originally as the Paintsville Free Graded School. Paintsville High School was initially built in 1892 but was ravaged by fire soon after and rebuilt. The early curriculum at Paintsville High was formidable. There were 185 students and only four teachers in 1894. Paintsville High School has seen success in both athletics and academics throughout its history. Despite the small size, Paintsville has won state championships in basketball (1996), baseball (1990), and golf (1958). Paintsville is also home to former Mr. Basketballs John Pelphrey (1987) and J.R. Vanhoose (1998). In football, Paintsville recently made a run to the state finals (2019) and is home to a Mr. Football/Army All-American in Kash Daniel (2015) and All-American Mike "The Missile" Minix(1960). Paintsville is also home to state champions in track, Jake Karn (1999 Event - Mile) and Tyler Lemaster (2008 - 300m hurdles). Paintsville is, however, more known for its success in academia. Many of our graduates have succeeded in the professional world, small business, the military, and politics. Paintsville has had 15 National Merit Scholars. Many credit the top-notch education with the personalized approach received at Paintsville Independent.


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