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2022 Camp Partnership Registration

Camp Partner Workflow

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[October - December 2021] Register your 2022 camp week on our system

  1. [NOW!!!]
    Register your camp week on our system

  2. [January]

    • Review and agree to the camp partnership agreement

    • Send in deposit ($1500 for full camp, $1000 for half camp)

  3. [January to March]
    Marketing & Promotion form

  4. [February to June]
    Promoting your camp

  5. [February to June]
    Recruiting volunteers and billets

  6. [March to June]
    Request insurance certificate from your insurer listing
    Power to Change Ministries as "additional insured" - if needed, complete Proof of Insurance form to get ours first for your insurer to create a reciprocal one

  7. [July - August] One week before camp

    • Complete Volunteer Approval form

    • Send us your camp roster if you use your own registration system

    • Confirm billet arrangement

  8. [July - August] Camp Week

  9. [July - August] Post-Week

    • Tally up completed U-Talk forms and submit numbers by completing Partner Survey Part 1

    • Debrief with your church team and complete Partner Survey Part 2

  10. [August - September]
    Send in your final payment or let us know how to handle your camp registration surplus (if any) when you receive the final invoice from us

Partner Manual

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