Beginner Orchestra

Welcome to our beginner orchestra program!

The beginner band is a course created for 6th grade students with limited to no prior instrumental music experience. Students may choose to study violin, viola, cello, or bass. This is a year long elective course that meets daily for 45 minutes, performing throughout the year. The beginner orchestra experience culminates with a public performance in downtown Leavenworth, Washington!

Your child’s participation in our program is beneficial in many ways. Music students are engaged daily in a highly creative performing art that stimulates growth in areas of the human brain that no other discipline can. This growth effortlessly transfers into your student’s academic life. In addition, our music students will develop traits such as teamwork, responsibility, dedication, self- discipline, social skills, confidence, leadership and dependability. Membership in our music program will give all a sense of accomplishment, pride, and respect as the students develop musical and personal skills that will enrich their lives.

How do I acquire an instrument for orchestra?

At Sequoyah, we strive to ensure that all students have the opportunity to participate in our music program, regardless of a families ability to purchase or rent an instrument. If the challenge of learning to read music while studying an instrument interests you, we will make sure that you have an instrument to participate in our beginner orchestra. Families may also rent from a local music store, or may purchase an instrument. Before purchasing an instrument, it is important that you contact Mr. Leslie who will assist you in this process, and will ensure that you select a quality instrument that will last.

Can I join orchestra in 7th or 8th grade?

If your child has any interest in learning to play an orchestra instrument, it is highly recommended that your child start in our 6th grade beginner orchestra. It is much more difficult to join orchestra in 7th or 8th grade as most of the students in 7th and 8th grade orchestra have graduated from our beginner program. 7th and 8th grade orchestra courses do not cover the basics of playing a string instrument, and will be required to take private lessons to catch up.

What is expected of a beginner orchestra student?

Beginner orchestra students are expected to practice outside of class for no less than 120 minutes per week. Students will submit weekly practice charts to ensure at home practice is occurring. Students will record and submit regular performance assessments through google classroom. Additionally, beginner band students will participate in a minimum of 3 concerts. Concert dates may be found on our calendar page.