7th and 8th Grade Band

7th and 8th Grade Bands

The 7th and 8th grade bands at Sequoyah Middle School are intended for students who have completed the beginning band program, having one to two years of prior band experience. Beginners interested in joining band during their 7th or 8th grade year should plan to meet with Mr. Leslie prior to their entrance into the program. Our 7th grade band rehearses daily during first period, while our 8th grade band rehearses daily during seventh period. Students in these advanced ensembles will continue to establish themselves on their instruments through the study of more complex musical concepts while working to further establish a strong fundamental foundation. 7th and 8th grade band students perform in throughout the year at Sequoyah, and throughout the region.

Musicians in our 7th and 8th grade ensembles perform challenging wind band literature, and are expected to practice regularly each day. Musicians in these advanced ensembles are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism during rehearsals and performances, and are expected to serve as leaders in the Sequoyah community. Musicians in our 7th and 8th grade ensembles will be engaged in a culture of high-achieving students who are committed to a heightened standard of behavior and character development. Frequently, we discuss teamwork, commitment, dedication, and ideas related to personal development and character education.

Please contact Mr. Leslie if you are interested in joining our 7th or 8th grade band.

Superior Award!

The Sequoyah 8th grade band was again the recipient of the prestigious superior award at the 2018 Valley Region Band Contest .