About Us

What is the Student Government Association?

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the official name of the group of students who organize events, fundraisers, volunteer for the benefit of the school and its students, and much more. Student Government members include elected class officers, ASB officers, and Ms. Travick, our Student Government coordinator.

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What is the ASB?

Associated Student Body (ASB) officers are a part of the Student Government. ASB oversees all four class officer groups. They typically plan and run school-wide events, help class officers host fundraisers, voice and lead meetings, volunteer at school events, assist administrators and PTSA, and much more. They carry out duties on a larger scale.

What are Class Reps/Student Council?

Class reps are two selected students per class who are expected to attend the monthly class rep/student council meetings (during 3rd period in the QLR) and listen as well as take notes on announcements from the officers, activities class, yearbook committee, etc. When they return to class the next day, they are expected to share the announcements they heard from the meeting and open up to feedback from their peers.


There are many other organizations that contribute to making Tech a better place, such as Real Hard (made the four pillars, created and maintains the Bulldog Bucks Store, etc.), A Tribe Called Tech (runs the First Friday events, etc.), the Activities Class taught by Treasurer Rosemary Whisenton, and many other great groups & clubs.

Who maintains this website?

Our ASB Secretary, Tiffany Tong, maintains our general pages. Our class-specific pages are maintained by the following officers:

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Class of 2021 Announcements: TBD

This website was created by Sophomore Class President Samuel Getachew.