2017- 2018 Officers

Note: not all positions for all classes are filled. Class of 2021 elections will occur at the beginning of the 2017-18 school year. Click here to view 2017 election results.

Associated Student Body:

President: Tiffany Tong

Vice-President: Hewlett Pham

Secretary: Davie Richman

Treasurer: Kathy Liang

Historian: Isabel Torrence*

Senior Class:

President: Latrell Ray

Vice-President: Aidan McNulty

Junior Class:

President: Corinna Basch

Vice-President: Jonathan Chao

Secretary: Carson Lang

Treasurer: Kate Wood

Historian: Jason Dao

Sophomore Class:

President: Samuel Getachew

Vice-President: Abriella Terrazas

Secretary: Caitlin Pilisuk*

Treasurer: Keiley Thompson*

Historian: Lucia Pillers

*empty position filled by tiered voting