St. Mary's Primary School, Alexandria

Contact Details: St. Mary's Primary School, Bank Street, Alexandria, G83 0UJ

Phone Number: 01389 773740


Our School Aims

We, the community of St. Mary's, are on a journey of learning involving continuous improvement, where we aspire to be known for excellent learning and teaching, pastoral care and support for all children, parents and staff.

On this journey, we will strive:

  • To focus on the intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral and social development of each pupil through the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence, encouraging creativity and ambition
  • To treat every pupil as an individual and to encourage each pupil to achieve the highest possible educational attainment throughout the curriculum
  • To create a positive learning environment which is conducive to high standards of learning and teaching where all learners feel safe, valued and secure
  • To ensure quality of opportunity and equal access that enables all children to realise their full potential
  • To encourage parents to be actively involved in the education of their children as responsible citizens, encouraging the development of values, beliefs and attitudes which promote fairness and justice
  • To ensure that resources are organised and displayed in a manner which supports learning and teaching and creates a stimulating environment
  • To ensure quality assurance procedures are in place that allow self-evaluation of provision and monitor progress in development