We are recruiting community members to help with our new fruit gleaning efforts. We are harvesting fruit from local trees that would go to waste. We have partnered with Waste Less Solutions to help us manage our gleaning work


  • Sign up for Food Rescue US. (You'll need an email address and a phone number)

  • In the summer tree owners will schedule harvest times at their convenience.

  • Prospective harvesters will be able to check the gleaning schedule on Food Rescue US and claim a pick.

  • The FRUS App will show you the location and meet you there. Details about the pick will be shown including how many people will be needed and if ladders will be needed etc. We pick in all of Weber County and as far south as Layton, Utah.

  • Our harvesters are expected to respect the property of tree owners and leave the scene better than it was found.

  • After Harvest the App will direct you to the non-profit who is recieving the fruit.

Rescue Food Through Waste Less Solutions.

You can sign up to rescue edible food from our donors using your own car, and transport it to our nonprofit partners who distribute the food to the people who are food-insecure in our Utah communities.

Our volunteers use a food rescue app to see what food needs to be rescued, details on pick-up, and where to deliver. With no need for advanced scheduling, a rescuer can typically complete a rescue in 30 minutes. In a short amount of time you have made a difference for the planet and for peoples' lives.

To get started volunteering, simply visit Food Rescue US and create your account to help play a critical role in rescuing and delivering meals.