About US

Our Mission

We are a community organization located in and dedicated to impacting our community of Ogden, Utah through local food. Our goal is to collect pick surplus produce from residential properties to be redistributed to the community through donating the produce to food banks.

Our Backstory

In 2015 we began as a humble jam company. We formed partnerships with food banks, markets, cafes and other outlets to collect their surplus produce to make jam. We also formed a partnership with YCC Family Crisis Center: we gave jobs to the clients in their domestic violence recovery program. Money from selling jam helped us pay our employees. In 2016 we began gleaning fruit from trees that would go unharvested.

In 2020 many personal and economic challenges related to COVID-19 caused us to take a year off of operations. We are returning in 2021 with a renewed focus.

New Fruit Gleaning Efforts

We are returning to focus on fruit gleaning in Weber and Davis County. In the summer of 2021 we will be recruiting harvesters to help us pick thousands of pounds of local fruit that usually go to waste every season. We will be redistributing harvested fruit to the Ogden community through non-profit agencies dedicated to feeding our community.

Leaving Jam Behind

At this time we are leaving jam-making behind for new programming. There is a chance we will be back on at the farmers market someday with new product offerings but not just yet.