Online Discussions

Golden Thread holds online discussions for people who like to get really nerdy and talk in depth about Thelemic literature.

JOIN IN! — Its Free, Open to All & currently being held on Zoom.

To learn more about which book we are currently covering, go to our CALENDAR and look for ‘Online Discussions‘ or ‘Holy Season‘.

Online Book Discussions

Online Discussions

Weekly on Thursday nights @8PM EST we have ongoing book discussions, covering a variety of Thelemic literature such as 777, Liber Aleph & Little Essays Towards Truth.

Holy Season

Each year for the Thelemic Holy Season, which is from March 19th to April 10th, we discuss all of our Holy Books. The discussions are each night for 23 consecutive nights at 8PM EST.





Links to every Zoom meeting can be found on our calendar click on the events and the link is in description.