Our Temple

Golden Thread is located in Suite #274 on the second floor of the Carmel Common’s Office Building off Camp Horne Rd. Our suite has a Temple area for rituals & Mass, a classroom area for presentations & discussions, a lending library with over 2,000 books, a dining area for feasts and celebrations and more.

Visit Us


Traveling from 279 to Camp Horne Rd, our building will be on the left-hand side of the road. The Front Entrance to our Temple is shown in the picture below. It is the door marked “300”. There is limited parking in the front of the building by this door. More parking is in the back of the building. To get to the back parking lot, go to the end of the building on the left and turn in past the telephone pole (shown below).

Entering the Building

If you park in the front lot, go through the door which is marked “300”. Go up the stairs and follow the wall signs to our place. If you do not see the signs, after the stairs you will make the first right. Go past the bathrooms, through the single wooden door, take an immediate right and our Suit #274 is the last door on the right.

O.T.O. at large

If you are looking for an O.T.O. location near you, and are not located near Pittsburgh, PA, here is a list of O.T.O. locations in the U.S. http://oto-usa.org/locations/ as well as a list of locations which are forming http://ec.oto-usa.org/camp_in_formation.html. At both of these links you will find contact information.

Here are some of the closest O.T.O. locations to ours:

Black Sun Lodge (Cleveland, OH): http://blacksun93.org/

William Blake Lodge (Baltimore, MD): https://www.williamblakeoto.org/

Thelesis Oasis (Philadelphia, PA): http://thelesis.org/

Pyramid Lodge (Buffalo, NY): pyramid.contact@oto-usa.org

Sword and Serpent Oasis (Dayton, OH): http://www.swordandserpent-oto.org/

Azul Nox Encampment (Hanover, PA): http://www.azulnox.org/

Blue Equinox Oasis (Detroit, MI): http://www.blueequinox.org/