Belonging to a club offers opportunities to interact with students you may not otherwise work with, build leadership skills, learn to set goals and work as a team, and better understand what it means to be a good citizen. If you are a student returning to OHS and are a part of a club you already know the tremendous benefits participating in a club offers. We encourage you to use this guide to explore club opportunities for the upcoming school year. Read through the club descriptions on this site and find something that interests you. Click on the links in the club descriptions to go to the club websites if they have them. We strongly encourage you to select at least one club to participate in this year.

THE CLASS OF 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025


Class of 2022 : Ms. Siclari & Ms. Pavese

Class of 2023: Ms. Rosenthal & Ms. Frljuckic

Class of 2024: Ms. Love & Ms. Castro

Class of 2025: Ms. Michas & Ms. Libertino

The primary purpose of the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior classes is to promote and maintain school spirit at OHS. This is accomplished by the planning and sponsoring of various events throughout the school year. The proceeds from these events are held in a special account for each class with the goal of lowering the cost of the Senior Prom for their class. In addition, various fundraisers such as bake sales, car washes, candy sales and special occasion Candygrams are held.

At the end of junior year, plans for the Senior Prom begin. Class officers along with the advisors will visit various catering facilities to choose a location for the prom. Fundraising activities will continue in the junior and senior years.

The highlight of the Senior year is the Senior Prom. A committee is organized to plan ideas for a theme, decorations around that theme and ticket sales. Various fundraisers continue throughout the year.

Art Club

Advisor: Mr. Whitehead

Meetings - Fridays from 3-4 in room B004

The Asian Cultural Exchange

Advisor: Ms. de Guzman

Meetings on Thursdays from 3-4 in room 118

The Asian Culture Exchange aims to create a community for OHS students and educators of all backgrounds to celebrate Asian culture. It focuses on creating a voice and community for Asian students in Ossining, educating our community and each other on our diverse cultures, and providing a platform for appreciation of Asian culture. Students will have the opportunity to participate in authentic exchange through thoughtful discussions, trips, fundraising, activities, leadership and volunteer work etc. surrounding Asian culture.


Creative Writing Club

Advisor: Mr. Caccapola

Meetings on Wednesdays from 3-4

In the Creative Writing club, students experiment with an array of creative prompts. Members write, share, and discuss their creative pieces . Students will also work collaboratively to design and edit Interval, Ossining High School's Literary Magazine.


Advisor: Ms. Munzer

Meetings on Thursdays from 3-4 in the Small Gym

Life is better when you Dance! The Dance Club allows its members to experience the joy of dance and self-expression. Students are exposed to various styles of dance from different parts of the world. They learn to see dance as an art, a healthy lifestyle, and a means of expression. Classes incorporate key developmental elements such as leadership, respect, teamwork, confidence, memory, creativity, coordination, and cultural awareness. We meet on Wednesdays from 3:00-4:00 pm in the new gym.


Advisors: Mr. Quiroga

Meetings on Wednesdays from 3-4 in room B003

The Digital Media Club lead by Mr. Quiroga meets on Wednesdays and it is open to all students interested in working on digital media work or get involved in new projects. This year students in the DMC will be part of OHS LAST MONTH TODAY. A Youtube show in which students will interview, create documentaries, showcase sports and clubs in short films and share them on you-tube. Our goal is to show a month of OHS highlights in a short film.

Drama Club

Advisor: Ms. Beattie


Advisors: Mr. Albrecht, Mr. Scinta, & Ms. Portillo

The Engineering Club explores different types of projects and construction. Our projects have included soda bottle water rockets and an electric car. The club generally meets Wednesdays in Room 132, and all grades are welcome. Additional projects are always considered. No specific science classes are required, just a desire to get involved and ambition to work.


Advisor: Mr. Bedoya

Wednesdays from 2:45-3:30

This group, designed to support students who are new to the country, meets regularly to discuss how to best navigate Ossining High School. Topics include cultural differences, the American school system, and issues regarding relationships with new and old family members upon arrival in the United States. We also have activities, field trips and fun!


Advisors: Ms. Bauman

Tuesdays from 3-4

The goal of the Environmental Club is to improve the overall environment of the school. Students involved in this club strive to create and maintain school awareness about recycling paper and plastic. In addition they participate in local environmental debates and issues that concern high school students. Members of the Environmental Club participate in the annual “Stash the Trash Day”, complete an “Earth Day” project and sponsor “Random Acts of Kindness Week”. The club meets bi-weekly.


Advisor: Ms. Zhinin & Ms. Romero

The purpose of the Hispanic Americans United club is to educate the High School community about Hispanic culture and to encourage, inspire, motivate, and support the Hispanic community in Ossining. Members will participate in sessions that will focus on teaching skills for academic success, discussing issues that affect the Hispanic community and supporting cultural enrichment.


Advisor: Ms. Aguilar

The Human Rights Club’s mission is to educate and bring awareness of passed and modern day human rights violations. Members will take part in various conversations and come up with ways to be upstanders in our community, through panels discussions, community service, fundraisers, cooperation with other clubs and educational trips.


Advisor: Ms. Burns

Thursdays from 3-4 in room 209

Students meet regularly and participate in political discussions, debates and listen to guest speakers. Participation in various regional conventions is a future goal for this club


Advisor: Ms. Testa

La Sisterhood is a family. We create a safe space for Spanish speaking young women (or those who want to practice their Spanish) to share and grow together. We are a female empowerment group who aims to give back to the community and school by promoting positivity and sisterhood


Advisors: Mr. Ninos, Ms. Mannarino,

Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:00-4:30 during the season

classroom code 6mvaqfj

The Law Team is the Mock-Trial team that competes in an annual tournament sponsored by the New York State Bar Association. Students enrolled in You and the Law I, You and the Law II or International Law are eligible to try out for the team. The team meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 5:15 beginning in January. These meetings are organized as practice sessions for the competitions which begin at the end of February. The competitions are held at the County Courthouse in White Plains.

Math Circle

Advisor: Ms. Florkowski

Tuesdays from 3-4

Google Classroom Code: r5hwj7h


Advisors: Ms. Pavese. & Mr Cook

The purpose of the National Honor Society (NHS) is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to perform service within the school and broaden community service, to promote leadership and to develop character among members (Constitution of NHS, Article I, Section 2). Members are selected based on their demonstration of the four qualities of scholarship, character, service and leadership. Students with an average of 88% and above may apply for membership in the National Honor Society.

Each year the NHS sponsors the Senior Citizen Prom, in addition to various other subcommittees. In addition, a tutoring program is in place in order to tutor other students at OHS. Other opportunities to volunteer throughout Westchester County are also available, such as the Great Pumpkin Festival at Van Cortlandt Manor and Phelps Memorial Hospital.


Advisor: Ms. Kendall Murray McFarlane

Alternating Wednesdays from 3-4 in room 209

The Prestigious Ladies of Power Mentoring Program is designed for girls of color to help inspire, empower and academically support the students to become leaders of tomorrow. Our fundraising events will support annual college trips and monthly after-school events, along with guest speakers to our school/program. Meetings are held bi-weekly on Wednesdays and will present many exciting events and activities. All are welcome.



Participation in the Radio Club will give students the opportunity to broadcast live or pre-recorded radio shows on the OUFSD Radio Station WOSS 91.1FM. The radio club will meet in the beginning of the year to assign time slots for DJ’s that would like to broadcast during the school day. Training will be provided and the rules of the station will be explained to all interested in being on the air. Talk show and live sporting events will also be broadcast on WOSS, Fundraisers will vary from bake sales to car washes and radio-thon. Meetings will be held once a week in the beginning of the year then as needed as the school year goes on.


Advisor: Ms. Wile

The OHS SAGA club strives to create a community space that actively embraces students of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Our fundraising efforts will enable us to attend the annual Pride Works Conference, host monthly after-school events, and to invite guest speakers to our school. Meetings are held once a week and include a combination of dialogues about current events, personal experiences, and community learning, as well as socializing activities.


Advisor: Ms. Bayer

The school newspaper is produced many times a year. Students work together to highlight events which take place in and around the school community. In addition, students also write about current events. Students conduct various fundraisers throughout the year. Meetings are held several times a month.


Advisor: Ms. Lin

Click here for yearbook information

The Wizard, the Ossining High School yearbook, serves as a memory book and a historical record for the high school. Students enrolled in the Yearbook class, which meets every other day throughout the year, receive ½ credit. Staff members are also expected to attend after-school sessions, particularly when there are deadlines to be met. Students are involved in all aspects of planning of the yearbook including, but not limited to, gathering information, writing, editing, taking photographs, cropping pictures, and designing page layouts. Students are also expected to raise funds by selling yearbooks and commercial ads. Meeting deadlines and working as a team are most important.


Advisor: Mr. DeGeorge

Wednesdays from 2:45-3:30

The goals of the Student Council are to facilitate communication among students, teachers and administrators at OHS; to increase the student voice in curriculum choices and to secure adequate rules and regulations for the protection of students at OHS. General meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month except in September and June. Officer’s meetings are held periodically as the necessity arises. Officers are elected for one year terms in January and run through the following January. There are four officers: President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. General membership is an appointed position decided through faculty recommendations, student essay and interview with the advisors. The student council sponsors two main events each year: Spirit Week in the fall and OHS day (a carnival-type celebration) in the Spring. Many fundraisers are held throughout the year to support these events including bake sales and dances.

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Student-Driven Curriculum Club

Advisor: Ms. Libertino

Wednesdays from 3-4

This club aims to allow the Ossining High School students to contribute to the development of the curriculum. Club members will collaborate to create new elective and core courses that will be implemented in order to reflect the student body's diversity. The students will engage in discourse about including diverse moments in history and marginalized groups into the current curriculum and conduct student body interest surveys, in order to develop inclusive courses. The Student-Driven Curriculum club will grow and evolve with the ever-changing student body; it will reflect the Ossining School District's needs.


Advisors: Ms. Griffin and Mr. Krauskoff

The equity committee is a group of students and educators from Ossining high school who are highly passionate about social justice, activism, and of course, effectively implementing and influencing others to exercise equity within the Ossining school district. The equity committee is open to all students, no matter their grade. We come together online as a group to discuss current issues and ways to create a more inclusive environment for all.


Advisor: Ms. Clayton

Ossining Y2Y is a club that believes in the power of youth and supports healthy lifestyle choices. Members of Ossining Y2Y pledge to be drug and alcohol free, and work toward influencing their peers to do the same by encouraging them to stay true to themselves. Activities are focused on raising awareness of the risks associated with drug and alcohol use, and providing fun alternatives for students to partake in. Y2Y is committed to having a positive impact on their peers, school and the entire Ossining community. Participation in Y2Y is open to all OHS students. Meetings are held at least twice a month.

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