Director of Transportation:

Steve Leslie

Phone Number: 715-294-3456

Email Contact:

Driving to keep your kids safe

Our Objective

We strive to create conditions that contribute to the success of students by providing a comfortable, reliable, and safe service that responds to the ever-changing needs of the Osceola School Districts student population.

Approximately 1,800 students will attend school this year, and almost 1,400 of them will ride a bus to and from school. Our fleet of almost 30 buses will travel more than 400,000 miles this year either on school routes or extracurricular trips and consume more than 35,000 gallons of fuel.

In order to give needed attention to the ever-changing traffic situations, it is vital that drivers get full cooperation from their passengers and that all students obey the bus rules. Please help promote safety and good ridership by reviewing bus safety rules with your children along with familiarizing yourself with other resources and information on this website.

By working together we can safeguard your child from potential hazards associated with all aspects of transportation, both on and off the bus. I hope you and your child have a productive and safe year.

If you have a change in your child’s busing needs please call us 715-294-3456.

Thank you for your support,

Steve Leslie

Transportation Director