Osceola School Psychology

What is a school psychologist?

School psychologists have training in a multitude of areas, including mental health, school crisis, statistics, special education law, school based interventions, and research. A school psychologist can fit into a variety of different roles, depending on the needs of the district.

What A School Psychologist Used to Be

School psychologists traditionally have been charged with testing students for special education services and facilitating meetings to determine if a student is eligible for special education services. A school psychologist will often facilitate evaluation meetings. This is still an important role, but school psychology as a field has evolved into a much more complex set of potential responsibilities.

Emerging Roles of a school Psychologist

As both regular education and special education continually change, school psychologists can be involved in a variety of roles to support students, staff, and families. In the school district of Osceola, WI, the school psychologists may work with

  • Facilitating 504 and special education meetings
  • Working in teams to select or design academic and behavior interventions
  • Checking in with students as needed individually and in groups
  • Connecting parents and families to potential services in and outside of school