How to Become a Math Fact Master

Click the Fun 4 the Brain image (to the left) to access online math fact timings.

The quizzes will automatically be timed and graded!

Record your results on the sheet, have an adult initial, and return to your teacher. (click on image to download PDF of sheet or use the one you received at school.

See lists below of timings for each math operation.

MFC recording sheet


  • Addition One Facts Only
  • Addition Two Facts Only
  • Addition Three Facts Only
  • Addition Four Facts Only
  • Addition Five Facts Only
  • Addition Six Facts Only
  • Addition Seven Facts Only
  • Addition Eight Facts Only
  • Addition Nine Facts Only


  • Multiplication Ones Only
  • Multiplication Twos Only
  • Multiplication Threes Only
  • Multiplication Fours Only
  • Multiplication Fives Only
  • Multiplication Six Only
  • Multiplication Seven Only
  • Multiplication Eight Only
  • Multiplication Nine Only
  • Multiplication Ten Only
  • Multiplication Eleven Only
  • Multiplication Twelve Only


  • Subtraction Ones Only
  • Subtraction Twos Only
  • Subtraction Threes Only
  • Subtraction Fours Only
  • Subtraction Fives Only
  • Subtraction Six Only
  • Subtraction Seven Only
  • Subtraction Eight Only
  • Subtraction Nine Only


  • Division Ones Facts Only
  • Division Two Facts Only
  • Division Three Facts Only
  • Division Four Facts Only
  • Division Five Facts Only
  • Division Six Facts Only
  • Division Seven Facts Only
  • Division Eight Facts Only
  • Division Nine Facts Only
  • Division Ten Facts Only
  • Division Eleven Facts Only
  • Division Twelve Facts Only

How can you help your child be successful meeting the Math Fact Challenge?

For ideas about how you can help your child master basic math facts check out this website.

Ways that your child can practice using technology:


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