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Welcome to Oak Park USD's One-Stop-Shop for Parents to obtain Technology Help. We are here to help you and your child have success at accessing Distance Learning.


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Accessing Distance Learning

Parent Virtual Tech Help
"Office Hours"

Beginning Friday, August 28th you may email for assistance. If you do not or can't receive assistance through an email we will request a virtual office meeting with you to help you resolve your issue.

Google Meet link :

Please note: This is not for help for your hardware issues. You may get that help from the Walk-in Help Desk Support Hours.

If I can't assist you, I will be able to figure out who can!

Jan Rosen - Brookside Innovation Lab Specialist

Crashing Chromebook? Freezing Google Meet?

Chromebooks weren't designed to stream lots of video as they don't have built-in cooling fans.

The add-on GridView Chrome extension serves up multiple live video thumbnails of classmates (up to 36) during a Google Meet which can overheat a Chromebook if left on for more than 15 minutes at a time. (The same thing can happen in a Zoom with tile view enabled).

Here are some tips to keep your child's Chromebook from crashing or Google Meet from freezing or kicking the student out during Distance Learning:

    • Only use a class view (Google's Meet's own Tiled View or the GridView extension ) for short 10-15 minute segments of time and then stop using it for at least 45 minutes to let the Chromebook cool down. Use Google's built-in Spotlight or Sidebar instead. See screenshots below. If that doesn't help, try...

    • Remove GridView from the Chrome Extensions installed on your child's Chromebook at chrome://extensions/ and clicking the blue "Remove..." button next to the GridView extension to significantly reduce the likelihood of overheating. Remove any other unused extensions to minimize the underlying load on the Chromebook. Restart the Chromebook.

    • Close unused Chrome Browser tabs so they don't add to the load.

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Glossary of Terms:

Parent Connect is the district's parent portal to Q, the district's Student Information System. Parents log in to Parent Connect with a Parent Identification Number (PIN) and a password. Parents recover their unknown/forgotten PIN and password via email when they click the appropriate link "Need Your Login Information?" Each parent/guardian has their own unique PIN and password which is tied to their unique email address provided to the school during enrollment.

Parent Square is the district's private communications platform. Parent Square relies on each parent having a separate email login that is tied to a unique telephone number (so parent's can't share the same telephone number). District and school communications are sent via email posts or visible on the Parent Square website or mobile phone app.

Student Connect is the district's student portal into the Q student information system. Students log in with their school Local ID number which is typically a seven digit number starting with "2" and their password which is the same as their district email login password. Student connect is used by students to check on their class schedule, grades, progress reports, etc.

Google Meet is the district's distance learning videoconferencing platform. Students interact with their teachers remotely by "joining" a "Google Meet" after signing in to a Meet app or Chrome browser with their district ID and password.

Google Classroom is the district's learning management platform. Many teachers will distribute assignments and collect student work and responses through Google Classroom.

Clever is a Single Sign On web portal that many teachers use for quick access to the apps or online curriculum resources. Clever uses the District ID/login and password to grant students access to a wide variety of websites, learning apps, or web enabled curriculum. Clever can be reached via, the Clever app, or via a Chromebook's default tab upon startup.

Walk-in Tech Help Desk
Support Hours

Located at Oak View High School Room 104 (5701 Conifer Street, behind the District Office), technicians will be available for walk-up hardware tech support (iPads, Chromebooks, etc. ). Parents needing a device can also check one out, return, or exchange a device at the help desk.

Monday & Wednesday - 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Fridays - 11:30am-1:30pm

Missing iPad Apps?

If you are missing iPad Apps (Self Service, Clever, Google Meet, SeeSaw, etc...) - It may take up to 24 hours after you turn on your iPad, associate it to WiFi, and activate its use at home before the Self Service app and other app install choices begin to appear.

If after 24 hours you do not see Self Service and the option to install the other apps such as Clever, See Saw, Google Meet, etc.) please restart the device and check again. If those Self Service or those app install choices still do not appear, please click HERE and fill out the form.

We will work to troubleshoot the missing apps and installers to ensure they get out to the device. Please note: you may have to restart the device to see the Apps.