Class overview

Learning objective will emphasize on workflow compatibility. Using a variety of software to complete Architectural, Engineering, Construction, Interior Design, Facility Management, Asset Management, Energy Management and Manufacturing.

Develop the computer training skills to create 3D Immersive environments for the above industry mentioned above. Building the path to the metaverse, creating sustainable digital twins.

BIM Moddel of Downtown Detroit.

About me

Charles McLean

Professional AEC 3D Model Designer with experience in manufacturing model creation. Experienced among most professional fields using 3D technology. Charles 25+ years of 3D model experience, started in the old days using AutoCAD 3D Faces. Developing 3D residential housing and 3D manufactured parts for small clients. Charles learned the craft of 3D modeling early, which later resulted in the technology we see today.


Available resources for employees, students and parents. Helpful guides to understand the means and methods of production within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry.