Mrs. Anderson's 4th Grade

Our Lady of Mercy School

Ahoy Matey!

Welcome to our new 4th grade webpage! Thank you for stopping by. Please check back frequently for updated classroom news, objectives, homework assignments and pictures!

Celebrating Reading Week

with our "Mystery Readers!"

Measuring with Mustaches

I "mustache" you if you remember how to measure an object to the nearest quarter inch?! To review this skill we had a blast measuring various colorful mustaches of different lengths!

Catholic School Collaboration

We very much enjoyed our Catholic School Collaboration with some of the Mount St. Charles Academy 10th Grade Honors English Students!

Our class and the high school students both studied different origin stories throughout the year and we decided to combine our efforts to learn from one another. Our high school friends wrote us their own origin stories that we illustrated and later, turned into short plays.

We also practiced writing and addressing a friendly letter by writing letters to the "authors" of these stories.

The "Egg-cellent" Hunt

Bible Verse Scavenger Challenge

The Girls Team took 1st place in our Bible Verse Egg Hunt Challenge! Good job to all!

Art Masters

Andy Warhol Art Pop Art Project

Thank you Mrs. Stockdill, Mrs. Brookfield and Mrs. Hayes for helping us make these colorful creations!


Lenten Friendship Project

Thank you Mrs. Chatowksy for bringing this wonderful project to our attention! The children are working so hard to raise money for Mavrik and his family!

4th Grade Stations of the Cross Collaboration

The B.F.G. End of Novel Projects

Having fun with our Pre-k Buddies!

Mid-West Region Project

Building 3-D Conestoga Wagons with Limited Materials

Art Masters Quilting Craft

Thank you to the wonderful parent volunteers to run our monthly Art Masters classes!

Our Trip to Slater Mill!

Teaching our Pre-K Buddies about Saints

Art Masters Painting Project

Having fun at Walk-a-thon!

The Lemonade War Novel Jeopardy: Boys vs. Girls!

Happy First Day of School!!