Counseling and Support Services

Mission Statement

The mission of the Old Saybrook Public Schools is to educate and prepare students to achieve their highest aspirations, care for others and the environment, and contribute to a global society by working in partnership with families and the community, and by engaging each learner in a rigorous, personalized, and meaningful educational program.

The mission of Old Saybrook Senior High School is to prepare all students to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens of the global community. We respect the individuality of each student, encouraging all to meet their potential and act with integrity as valued contributors to a diverse society. To that end, we are committed to delivering a challenging curriculum through the highest quality of instruction and assessment. Supported by technology and other resources, students will have opportunities to demonstrate critical thinking and effective communication. (Due for revision in 2021)

The mission of the Counseling and Support Services Program is to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to achieve their highest aspirations towards contributing to a global society across academic, social-emotional, and college/career domains. Working in partnership with our parents, caregivers, and community we strive to support each student in developing a strong sense of self-awareness through personalized and meaningful educational programming.

Connection to the Strategic Plan

Goal #3: Proactive and flexible plans that respond to changing demographics including:

  • declining enrollment,

  • increasing numbers of students who speak English as a second language

  • increasing social and emotional needs of students

  • Increasing expense of education in a setting where the number of households with school-age children is declining


Confidentiality is an ethical terms that refers to a professional school counselor/school psychologist/school social worker's promise to a student that they will respect a student's right to privacy by not disclosing the information revealed to the support service staff to a third party, except when:

  1. The student explicitly authorizes or requests it.

  2. Any individual is in danger of harm, such as due to suicidal ideation, child abuse, or neglect and/or;

  3. Disclosure is mandated by law, such as in the instance of a subpoena or court order.

For questions or concerns regarding support service ethics or limits to confidentiality, please contact a member of the support services team.

Meet Our Team

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