College & Career Readiness

Opportunities for Students

Click HERE for job opportunities for students

Opportunities to earn CCR credit towards graduation requirement and learn more about professions:

Would you like to talk to a scientist? Learn more about careers in specific areas of science? Skype a Scientist connects scientists with classrooms across the globe

Skype a Scientist has a database of thousands of scientists and helps them connect with classrooms, families, libraries, scout troops, and more all over the globe! We give students the opportunity to get to know a real scientist and get the answers to their questions straight from the source. Click HERE to learn more.

Are you interested in experiencing the medical field through FREE online clinical shadowing?

TeleShadowing is a shadowing program open to all pre-health students from the undergraduate, post-baccalaureate, and high school levels. As clinical shadowing opportunities have become limited in virtue of the ongoing pandemic, we are firm in our mission to extend shadowing opportunities to students across the globe. Our Shadowing experiences are designed to Inspire and Lead the next generation of future healthcare professionals. Here are just some of the medical specialties you can learn about from professionals in those fields: Infectious Diseases, Orthopedic Surgery, Oncology, Anesthesia, Opthamology, Emergency Medicine, Hematology and Oncology Research, Pediatrics, Radiology, Healthcare Policies, Pulmonology, Neurosurgery, Internal Medicine and more!! Click HERE to learn more and to register.

Are you interested in the STEM fields and all the potential they hold—especially for girls like you?

Introducing a brand new program created exclusively for girls in grades 9 through 12 — with a particular focus on girls of color — and for the parents, guardians and caregivers who support their dreams and aspirations. If so click HERE

Do you want to build a hydraulic arm or a prosthetic leg?

CT AHEC’s Biomedical Engineering (BME) Discovery Program provides students aged 13-16 with an virtual immersion experience that includes problem solving and hands-on application of knowledge and skills. During each Saturday session, (9:00 am-noon), students are introduced to concepts in BME in health care through hands-on activities, such as constructing hydraulic arms and designing prosthetic legs. The program is designed by educators and taught by health profession students passionate about the application of engineering in health care. Students will also learn from and interact with students from UConn and Quinnipiac University to learn about different career paths. A complete kit along with necessary tools and supplies will be shipped to students' homes in advance. Your student will need access to a computer (desktop or laptop) or Chromebook with internet connection. Cost: Hydraulic Arm Activity: $59, Prosthetic Leg Activity: $45

Click HERE for more information or to register.


FAQ's for Students

CCR News

October and November

These two fall months are an exciting time for our seniors as they focus on applying to colleges and/or planning their next steps after high school. The CCR Coordinators have spent much of these two months supporting senior college applications including resumes, common app assistance and college essays. They have also worked with students that wish to enter the military in connecting and meeting with representatives from the various branches. In addition they continue to conduct one-one meetings with seniors to assist them in meeting their CCR credit requirements. Capstone has also taken a front seat during this time as upperclassmen brainstorm, plan and execute their various projects. In January, the coordinators will begin one-one meetings with the junior class.


Happy 2021-2022 school year and welcome back! After ending the school year strong with all students participating in CCR activities specifically developed for their grade, we are excited to continue the momentum. Many students persevered in earning their CCR credits in unique and exciting ways . We are excited to help guide students through this process again this year! On September 7th and 8th, the College and Career Readiness Coordinators teamed up with guidance to meet with and provide all seniors assistance in navigating the Common App, asking for letters of recommendation, and using Naviance for college applications.

Mrs. Fawcett and Ms. Using also let the students know that they will be offering 8 resume and college essay-writing workshops during the week of 9/13 and 9/20 (Monday-Thursday) during periods 3 and 7 when all students have a lunch block. These are for students who need help beginning this process. Students who already have a resume or college essay and would like assistance in editing, formatting, or strengthening them are invited to email Ms. Using or Mrs Fawcett to request an individual meeting. We are looking forward to a great year guiding our students through exciting opportunities that will enhance their time here at OSHS and prepare them for their future!


During the month of May, all individual CCR planning meetings with the Class of 2022 were wrapped up. These students were enthusiastic about the broad range of opportunities available to tailor their credits to their individual needs and interests. Some of those opportunities include; mini internships, guided professional networking seminars, Google Meet informational interviews with professionals, alumni and members of the armed forces, Southern CT State University College and Career Readiness Modules, a self-discovery reading of the book Undecided, 2nd Edition: Navigating Life and Learning After High School with a reflection piece, and even integrating CCR credit with a Capstone project. These are just some of the ways that our students are beginning to cross the bridge that will lead them to a readiness for life and learning beyond high school!

March and April

The CCR Coordinators will begin their individual meetings with each and every student in the class of 2022. These meetings are designed to assist students in creating a plan to achieve the .5 CCR graduation requirement. (Completing the required Advisory tasks yield .25 of this .5 credit. Students must earn an additional .25 or greater through the various CCR options which have been presented to them over the last few months.) The CCR Coordinators are excited to begin this highly individualized process.

March 16th, 2021

The College and Career Readiness Program hosted two successful alumni programs for students on Tuesday, March 16th. The first program occurred during the student Advisory where current students engaged in 1 of 16 Google Meets with alums who are studying or working in a field most closely related to the students’career interests. The second panel occurred in the evening and was open to 7th-12th graders and their parents. Alumni answered the participants’ questions about life after high school, overcoming challenges, and offered advice on how to navigate future paths. Our alumni panelists included: Matt Lyss (2013), Joe Potter (2012), Ryanne Flynn (2010), Tessa Norton (2018), Marissa Petruzzelli (2016), Gabe Castro (2018), Mary Kate Marshall, Elizabeth Marshall, Abby Lafreniere (2019), Claudia Spedding (2019), Arden Rand (2012), Maggie Shafman (2018), Krishna Patel (2013), Brittany Waida (2016), Peter Malinovsky (2016), Trent Duffy (2015), Tanner Jones (2018), Megan Rubano (2010), Sophie Tsagronis (2015), Ian Winham (2014), Mary Sirico (2008), Sammy Regan (2012), Kiki Filindarakis (2016), Cas Martin (2015), Clay Duffy (2016), Megan Barnes (2016), Jordan King (2009), Victoria Franca (2012), Bethany Goodhue (2012), Katy Price (2009), Jake Gadon (2012), Luciano Duffy, Adina Ripin (2016), Andrew Pan (2015), Jillian Noyes (2015), Carl Anderson (2016), James Condulis (2013), Gianna Cusano (2015), Madison Eucalitto (2014), Maria Filindarakis (2012), Alyssa Giegerich (2012), Tim Jacoboski ( 2019), Saige Philbrick (2014), and Danielle Sorano (2010).

Thank you so much to these amazing presenters that continue to make us proud, and to all who attended and supported this program!

Click HERE for a recording from our evening (optional) portion.

February 2021

Much of February is being spent planning for March events. The coordinators also continue to meet with individual students to provide access to: experiential and career exploration resources, goal setting guidance, opportunities to network, goal planning for their time at OSHS and beyond, and much more. This is an individualized process where the coordinators seek to meet students where they are, help them to discover possible career and life skill direction and finally assist the student in navigation towards their goals.

January 2021

This month, students got their first real glimpse of the new College and Career Readiness framework. During the first advisory of the month on January 5th, the new CCR Program was rolled out to all students 9-12th grade. That same evening, the program was presented to 8th-11th grade parents during the College and Career Parent Informational Night.

Link to Student Slide Show

Link to Parent Slide Show.

The Whole School was Engaged in CCR!!!! On January 12th during advisory, our College and Career Readiness Coordinators gave a tailored presentation about the CCR offerings that could be beneficial for students nearing graduation. Simultaneously, the other grades were completing the CCR grade-specific activities that count towards their required .50 CCR Credits.

Link to Senior CCR Presentation Slideshow

The CCR coordinators continue to meet with individual students to provide access to; experiential and career exploration resources, goal setting guidance, opportunities to network, goal planning for their time at OSHS and beyond, and much more. This is an individualized proces where the coordinators seek to meet students where they are, help them to discover possible career and life skill direction and finally assist the student in navigation towards their goals.

Fall 2020

The CCR program has seen a huge transformation this fall as the coordinators worked diligently to design a new format, exciting covid-safe experiential options for the students, a new platform for connecting all stakeholders, and an inclusive program of engagement that begins with our 9th-graders and culminates with our 12th graders, ensuring that each and every Old Saybrook Graduate is prepared for their post-secondary pursuits. See our For Students and For Parents & Community Members links for more details.

Spring 2020

The world of education was sent upside down with the introduction of Covid 19. So too, was our traditional internship program. At the time of school closings, 82 interns had been placed in our wonderful community of schools, businesses and organizations. These internships shifted to remote internships, and some to a segmented career outreach unit that the student interns truly enjoyed. We look forward to spending the remainder of the spring and summer creating a program for our students that will provide comprehensive and all-inclusive experiences that will be adaptable to wherever we find ourselves this fall.

Winter 2020

  • Sophomores will begin the Do What You Are Assessments in English classes on December 5th and 9th. From these results, students will meet with the coordinators in small groups related to their potential career interests. These group meetings will occur either within World History classes or in room 113 with Mrs. Fawcett and Ms. Using.

  • Interested students (including but not limited to the Journalism class and members of The Rambler) will tour the WFSB Newsroom on January 10th, 2020.

  • A group of students will be participating in a job shadow day at Sound Manufacturing in Old Saybrook. These shadows will occured on February 4th and 6th respectively.

  • On Friday, February 28th, there will be a field trip to Three Rivers Community College. We will tour the school, learn about their programs, and there will be an opportunity for students to apply for free! Community college is FREE to high school graduates beginning in Fall 2020. Read more here

Fall 2019

So far this year ...

  • October was Manufacturing Awareness Month across CT. We celebrated this month by offering two field trip opportunities for students interested in manufacturing and engineering.

    • On October 3rd, 20 students toured the Lee Company in Westbrook, CT and learned about precision mechanical engineering and its applications in the aerospace and automobile arenas. Students were given a complete tour of the facility and were able to learn about the various employment opportunities for all kinds of learners available there.

    • On October 22nd, students spent two hours at Sound Manufacturing here in Old Saybrook. Students were given a tour of the facility, learned about the various career paths and positions at Sound, and competed in a manufacturing challenge with students from other schools.

  • Ayah Galal, news reporter at WFSB channel 3, spoke to English and Journalism students in the LMC on October 29th. Learn more about Ayah here.

Connection to the Strategic Plan


Goal #2: Innovative and highly focused instructional design and practices that maximize student engagement while streamlining student work to that which is meaningful and essential.

Explore and pilot multiple strategies for expanding learning opportunities and choices beyond the school day and building (including technology use and new community connections).


Our mission is to prepare Old Saybrook students for success in their educational endeavors and careers beyond high school. We will accomplish this by fostering meaningful community partnerships that support individual student learning objectives.


Old Saybrook High School's College and Career Readiness Program is designed to provide students with opportunities to become self-aware, to be exposed to a variety of careers and career pathways, and to interact with individuals who may serve as their remote mentors. They will have opportunities to pursue growth within their areas of interest and to participate in comprehensive and individualized experiences starting in grade 9 and continuing each year.


  1. Establish an environment where 100% of our students participate in experience-rich activities, are provided with resources, and have access to career and post-secondary guidance from our CCR Coordinators.

  2. Connect students to organizations and individuals within the local and broader career community and teach them the skills necessary to network for themselves and build meaningful connections.

  3. Assist students in developing self-awareness.

  4. Encourage students to welcome new challenges.

  5. Teach students to apply what they have learned.

  6. Help students gain the independence and knowledge necessary to succeed in post-secondary endeavors.

Program Coordinators

Cariña Using is in her 15th year as College and Career Coordinator. Prior to that she lived in 3 countries and 5 states, (including Alaska!), but still has a special place in her heart for her home state of Colorado. She has seen the program through many improvements and transitions but none as exciting as those this year! Cariña is mom to Aedan, a freshman at Brandeis University and to Spot, her favorite four-legged buddy.

This is Sarah Fawcett’s 4th year as College and Career Readiness Coordinator. Prior to this position, she taught English for 10 years at OSHS. Sarah received her 6th year in May 2019 in Remedial Reading and Language Arts at SCSU. She is a mother of 4 year-old twins and a 23 month old daughter. She enjoys reading mysteries and crime novels for fun, hiking with her family and her Boxer, Barley, and running.