A very warm welcome to Our Lady's High School

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to the school in September!

We very much hope that you have already visited the school, but if you haven't we would really love to arrange a visit and a tour for you. We can arrange a tour for you on a weekday morning between 9am-11am. If you would like the opportunity to visit and meet senior staff on Thursday 21st March at 5.30pm or on Saturday 23rd March at 10am - PLEASE BOOK BELOW.

If you would like to arrange a visit at another time please complete the form by clicking the visit or tour request button below. Alternatively email Roisin O'Regan roregan@olchs.co.uk or give her a call on 020 8800 2158 extn 208 and we'll get that visit sorted!

This page will give you information about the school and what to expect when you start here. There is lots more information on our main website.

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What happens next?

Offers are made on the 1st of March 2019. You must accept your offer by 15th March 2019

Our Lady's High School Introductory Pack will be sent out after Easter holidays 2019

Our Lady's High School teacher will arrange to visit you in your Primary Schools in May and June 2019

All of the new students are invited to spend the day with us on 4th July 2019 and will experience some lessons

All the parents of our new students are invited to an induction meeting on the evening of the 11th July

Year 7 will start their new school year with a special induction day just for them on the 4th September

The whole school returns for the first day of the 2019-20 school year on the 5th September

All our new parents are invited to a Year 7 Information Event on the 3rd October (date to be confirmed)

Find out more about us

What is the day like?

Our school day starts at 8.40am - when we expect you to be on-site

The school day finishes at 3.10pm - unless you have to meet a teacher

Your parents should expect you to leave by 3.30pm unless you are attending an after-school activity

Our school day consists of 6 lessons, each of 50mins:

  • Registration
  • Lesson 1
  • Lesson 2
  • Break
  • Lesson 3
  • Lesson 4
  • Lunch
  • Lesson 5
  • Lesson 6

Tuesday to Thursday we offer 'Study Prep' for students to work in a quiet, supervised space to complete homework or revision and develop their independent study skills.

AM Study Prep: 7.30am to 8.30am

PM Study Prep: 3.30pm to 5.00pm

What will you learn?

Below you will find our KS3 Curriculum booklet which will give you an overview of our learning for Year 7 and Year 8.

Every day life at School

It might be helpful to know what is expected of you as you move around the school and how the habits we will expect to see from you.

Peaceful, Polite and Punctual

Around the school and when we interact with each our we have three very important but simple expectations - community habits we call the 3 Ps:

Eyes, Engagement and Effort

And what do we expect in the classroom? Well we have three very simple expectations for all our learners - learning habits that we call the 3 Es:

Why is Our Lady's High School a great place for you?

What are the benefits of attending an all girls' school?

We believe that at Our Lady's we give you the best possible environment to develop, progress and thrive both academically and socially.

Girls at single-sex schools achieve better GCSE results

Alice Sullivan, director of the Centre for Longitudinal Studies, at the UCL Institute of Education, in London, said: "We found that girls from single-sex schools were more likely to take male-dominated subjects such as maths and science at school. Girls who had attended single-sex schools also had slightly higher wages than their co-ed peers in mid-life."

BBC News 28 January 2016 reported that: "Girls at single-sex state schools in England get better GCSE results than those in mixed schools, according to an analysis of the most recent exams."

There is a range of research that indicates that girls not only gain better outcomes if they attend an all girls school, but also that they select different subjects and able to develop greater confidence and ambition away from the added social pressure of a co-ed environment.

Safety and Wellbeing

In more recent times, with the rise of social media and an obsessive attitude towards physical appearance and sexuality, an all girls' school provides a nurturing and safe environment.

In 2016 the House of Commons published a report about schools and the scale of sexual harassment stating that: "Widespread' sexual harassment and violence in schools must be tackled." The report outlines evidence that:

  • almost a third (29%) of 16-18 year old girls say they have experienced unwanted sexual touching at school
  • nearly three-quarters (71%) of all 16-18 year old boys and girls say they hear terms such as "slut" or "slag" used towards girls at schools on a regular basis
  • 59% of girls and young women aged 13-21 said in 2014 that they had faced some form of sexual harassment at school or college in the past year
Source: House of Commons Report: Women and Equalities Committee Sexual harassment and sexual violence in schools - Published on 13 September 2016

You can also find out more about the school from these films made by our students:

Mission Statement

Our Lady's High School enables all in our school community to achieve their highest potential and prepares our students to become compassionate and caring citizens, aware of their global responsibilities.

Our Lady’s High School is a place for learning

We achieve this by maintaining high expectations of the individual, appreciating that we are all members of a diverse community, living our Catholic faith and embracing the values of our Servite founders:

You can find out more about our Servite values here: CLICK

Underlying Principles

We are each unique individuals, created in the image of God and relationships are formed through mutual respect between all members of our community.

Our aim is to be proactive in promoting good behaviour, reminding students of our expectations and celebrating all the successes in school. Students should be very clear as to the consequences of choosing to behave inappropriately and these consequences will be applied fairly and consistently.

Our guiding expectations are that students are to be peaceful, polite and punctual at all times.

"Shaping Tomorrow, Inspired by Faith"