Year 6 Induction Day 2021

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Good morning! Welcome to your Our Lady's Induction Day. School starts at 8.45am. Today you will start your day with Assembly with Mr Carter.

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Lesson 1 today is a Language lesson with Madame Robinson, who is the Head of Languages at Our Lady's. In this lesson you will be learning French. Pay close attention and listen carefully!

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Lesson 2 today is a Science lesson with Mr Sykes, who is the Head of Science here at Our Lady's. He will introduce you to the subject of Science and some of the risks and hazards you may encounter in a science lab.

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Lesson 3 today is an RE lesson with Mrs Cohen, our Head of RE. This lesson will explore the idea of how we can all make a difference! Enjoy!

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Lesson 4 today is a Geography lesson with Mrs Mitra, our Head of Geography. She will introduce you to the world of Geography and how you can be a geography detective!

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Lesson 5 today is a chance for you to hear from the students who are already here at Our Lady's - they will give you the 'inside' track on the process of transitioning from Primary to Secondary school.

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Assembly - Your day ends with an assembly and quiz with Ms McDonald - you will learn about the history and values of the school and then be tested on your knowledge!

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