Power of 10

The OVMA Power of 10 program is designed to help you grow as a leader—and as an individual.

This program will cultivate your inner leader by identifying your unique leadership style, creating a personalized wellbeing plan, empowering you to effect positive change, and expanding your professional network. Members will reap many benefits from participating in this in-depth program, including:


Earn 25.5 hours of non-scientific continuing education (CE)


Identify and cultivate your personal leadership style.


Customized wellbeing session to identify your needs and create a roadmap for emotional and physical wellness.


Develop diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) skills by learning how to have critical conversations that lead to positive change in your practice and beyond.


Learn how organized veterinary medicine impacts public policy and how you can get involved.


Expand your network with classmates and other veterinary professionals.