Preschool Tuition List

The following three statements must be true before your child can be added to the tuition list

  1. Your child must be 4 on August 1, 2022

  2. You have completed an application with Audubon Area Head Start (270) 298-9505

  3. Your child is not eligible for Preschool/Head Start

If 1-3 are complete

  • Call Becky at Ohio County Schools to be added to the tuition list (270) 298-3249

Frequently Asked Questions

When will tuition students be added to preschool rosters?

  • Eligible students must be placed in classrooms first to determine the availability of tuition spots

  • A limited number of tuition spots may be made available after Labor Day

  • Please do not call Audubon Area Head Start to ask about the status of a tuition student

Why isn’t preschool Free for Every 4-year-old?

  • The district only receives state funding for eligible preschool-aged children

    • The district receives state funding for all K-12 students

How much is tuition, and when is it due?

  • Tuition is $125/month, due at the beginning of each month of enrollment

  • If you are approved for a tuition spot, you will be required to sign a contract and pay for the first month

    • Contact Becky at Ohio County Schools (270) 298-3249

  • If tuition is not paid, your child will not be able to attend

My child is in a tuition spot, is his/her spot guaranteed for the year?

  • No, if an influx of eligible students apply, tuition spots are subject to change

    • Ohio County Schools does not place tuition students at the beginning of the school year in hopes of avoiding these situations.