Parent Contact Form

Parents may use this form if they wish to leave a message for a Family Advocate to contact them

Registration Process

Who is eligible for preschool?

  • 3 and 4-year-old students who qualify based on income or disability

    • A 3-year-old must be 3 before August 1

    • A 4-year-old must be 4 before August 1

    • A child who turns 5 on or after August 1 is eligible to apply

    • Students who are 5 before August 1, are not eligible to apply for preschool but are Eligible for Kindergarten

      1. Kindergarten registration information can be found here

  • Note: Income-eligible 4-year-olds and 3-4-year-olds with a disability will be placed first. Head Start/Income eligible 3-year-olds are placed if space is available.

I have a 3 or 4-year-old and wish to apply

Fill out the contact form or call 270-298-9505

What is needed to register

  • 12 Month Income Verification (W2, Tax Returns, Pay Stubs)

  • Age verification (Child's Birth Certificate, Immunization form)

  • Child's Social Security Card (if one is available)

  • Heath Screening information (physical, dental, lead test, vision)

New applicants may also be contacted by an Ohio County School's Preschool Teacher or Speech-Language Pathologist to schedule a developmental screening. If you have questions or concerns, call 270-298-9505.


  • Free transportation is available to preschool eligible students who live or are transported to and from a location within the preschool's transportation boundaries

    • Parent transportation is an option for students attending a school outside of his/her transportation boundaries

  • Students transported by district school bus must wear a provided harness

    • Students must be fitted in their harness prior to entering a district bus

  • Preschool students must be accompanied by a responsible adult when entering or exiting a district bus

      • Preschool students will be returned to school if an adult is not present at drop-off time or if the adult does not have the authorization code

  • I have a child who will turn 3 after August 1, or I move to the district after August 1

    • You can begin the application process at any time during the school year. Eligible 3 and 4-year-old students can be placed in preschool throughout the year. Be sure to complete the Contact Form or call 270-298-9505.

  • I have a younger child with developmental concerns

    • Contact First Steps of Kentucky. First Steps is a statewide early intervention system that provides services to children with developmental disabilities from birth to age 3 and their families. The regional First Steps office for Ohio County can be reached at 270-852-2905 or 888-686-1414.

    • Additional childcare programming is also available through Audubon Area's Early Head Start (EHS). EHS serves eligible infants to 36-month toddlers. Call 270-298-9505 for information about Early Head Start eligibility.

  • My child is not eligible based on income or disability

    • Tuition slots may be available at some schools. Be sure to complete your preschool application and call Becky at the Ohio County Schools Central Office and ask to be placed on the preschool tuition list, 270-298-3249. Tuition slots are limited and may not be available if eligible 3 and 4-year-old students have applied. Students enrolled via tuition may be subject to program removal in the event that eligible students apply. When you speak to a family advocate, let them know you are on the tuition list.