Oak Grove Student Council

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October 30th, 2019



Here is a quick description of each person that is the Student Council Leadership. Please share your ideas about our school and activities you would like to see us host to help make your school a better place to be!


Addy Thornton

Hi, I'm in 8th grade I play softball, basketball, volleyball, and cheer.

Vice President

Ava Bentley

Hi, I'm in 8th and I have 2 bunnies and a dog. I do track, chorus, advanced art, and I play soccer.


Abby Fehl

Hello, I am in 8th grade and I do dance, chorus, cheer, and advanced art


Tana Sturgis

Hi, I'm in 8th grade and I do softball, basketball, and cheer.

8th Grade Representative

Taylor Smith

Hi, I am in 8th grade and I do baseball, basketball and track.

8th Grade Representative

Khia Frauenhoffer

Hello I’m in 8th grade. I am in band, chorus, speech, and student council. I am nice, kind, and I love helping others. I also write my own songs.

7th Grade Representative

Lilly Evans

Hello, I’m Lilly Evans and I’m in 7th grade and I do chorus, speech, and advanced art.

7th Grade Representative

Ethan Tortat

Hello I am in 7th grade and I participate in chorus and advanced art.

6th Grade Representative

Mason Gall

Hello, I am in 6th grade. I do baseball, basketball, soccer and track.

6th Grade Representative

Preston Quine

Hello, I am in 6th grade and I do baseball, basketball, band, and track

5th Grade Representative

Jack Ledeboer

Hi I'm in 5th grade and I do soccer, cross-country, speech, and band.

5th Grade Representative

Elizabeth Langfeldt

Hi! I have a lizard. I love reptiles and I speak Pig Latin.