Oak Grove Student Council

Welcome to the Oak Grove Student Council website! Here you can find upcoming student council events and what we do.


Election TBD- Will Announce Soon!

Who Will Our Next Leaders Be?


Vice President



8th Grade Representative

8th Grade Representative

7th Grade Representative

7th Grade Representative

6th Grade Representative

6th Grade Representative

5th Grade Representative

5th Grade Representative

21-22 Student Council Application

The application has two parts:

  1. ) The first is a Google Form- located here: Student Council Application Part 1

  2. ) The second part is a Google Doc-located here: Student Council Member Petition Part 2

Directions for Part 2:

  • Open the document, it will require that you- "Make a Copy"

  • Share this document with classmates and teachers that will add their name to petition for your candidacy.

  • Share the document with Mrs. Heflin when you have all of your signatures.

At this time the coffee cart is on hiatus until the COVID-19 Pandemic is under control.

To raise money to fund future project, student council will begin selling coffee and small individually wrapped breakfast snacks and treats to teachers each morning. The Eagle Coffee Co. breakfast cart will stop by rooms each morning to help our teachers start their day off on the right foot.

Each month student council will be working to develop a menu of items based on our staff's feedback. Students are getting the opportunity to run a small business and use profits to put back into school projects.