Mrs. Padilla's 2nd Grade

Hello !!! My name is Mrs. Padilla. I graduated with my Bachelors Degree from Illinois State University in 1994. I earned my Masters Degree from ISU in 2000. This will be my 24th year teaching at Oak Grove. I live in Peoria with my family. We have 3 dogs (1 golden doodle and 2 grey hounds). I am a avid fan of Wonder Woman and all things super hero. Don't tell anyone, but I may actually be Wonder Woman. I lead a very active lifestyle. I love to exercise, play with my kids, spend time with my family, practice my ukulele, play chess and read. I also keep busy with my kids activities such as soccer, cross country, basketball, piano, voice, theater and ukulele. Some of my favorite things are . . . The Chicago Cubs, Chicago Fire Soccer, the Chicago Bears, Diet Mt. Dew, Chocolate, Coffee, and anything sweet (because I am Danish).

Here are a few important things I want to communicate with you.

  1. I consider your child my child when we are at school. I will love them, and protect them just like I would my own children.
  2. My room is a safe place for students to learn, grow and make mistakes. My class is a family.
  3. I am here for you. I am a firm believer in communication. I want to make sure you are in the know, and understand the things going on in the classroom.
  4. Your child will benefit greatly from review and practice at home.
  5. WE are a team, and together we will provide a challenging and fun year for your child.

My kids Zoe and Gabe

My Family kayaking in South Carolina