k. Assignment 8a & 8b- Fruit Bowl Analysis

In the normal image I see a regular fruit bowl however I think its placed a bit weird so I was very eager to flip this photo to 180 degrees around and when I did I now see the regular image very differently and the image flipped 180 degrees looks very well made. Also I think its really cool and smart to make these images because they make you're brain think a lot and i think its a really cool way to do that.

In this similar image that I found from the painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo he really likes to make normal things into a hidden image which I think is really cool. In the first image it was even harder to decipher if it was a face however I thought I saw a nose. Then when I flipped it I was surprised but I knew that it was going to be a face, its really cool how a painter does this and I think its very oringal because no one else does this.