e. Assignment 3 - Analysing a Logo

1. What type of company/product do you think this logo would be used for.

1. I think it would be used for a photo editor because it shows something very creative and something that was made with a photo editor. Also the logo follows all 5 principles of Logo Design.

2. Decide on a name for the company and a tagline.

2. I think the name would be called "Creative Editor" and the tagline would be called "Be Creative." because I think the logo is not a copy of anything else and the logo is very creative and it stands out and its simple.

3. Explain how/if the logo above follows the 5 principles of Logo Design. You should have a 1 or 2 line explanation for each principle.

For principle 5 explain how it would be suitable for the company or product from #1

3. It follows all 5 logo design because 1 its very simple because the logo isn't complicated at all its just a lot of colours creating a sphere which is very creative for advertising a Photoshop company. 2 Its very memorable because the logo will stick inside of your head because all of the colours and a creative design. 3 Its very Timeless because the logo will never expire because its something that looks very new and fresh and that's what makes the logo always feel good. 4 Its very Versatile because it would look good on anything clothing and it would be really good for advertising. 5 Its suitable because it looks like something very creative and something made with an editor and thats essential for a photo editing software.

4. List 3 artistic techniques that have been used in this logo.

(i.e. things used - shapes, types of tools, fills, shading, etc,)

4. 3 Techniques used in this logo, 1 shapes, it uses triangles for the pencil and it also for the sphere. 2, types of tools used is the freehand tool to draw some of the pencil and bezier to help with the curved lines. 3, fills they used the bezier tool to help fill in all the colors to make it look way better.