FPSA Design District

Introduction to 3D with TinkerCAD (bookmark project)

How to prepare your 3D print for the Design District 3D "Style" printers

  • If you are designing your 3D prints at home, follow these steps and email the 3D .hvs file to Ms. Morgan at eleri.morgan@ocdsb.ca or Ms. Polowin at meghan.polowin@ocdsb.ca

Where to begin:

  1. Download an .stl file

  2. Open https://www.launchpad3d.ca/kiri/

  3. Go to “Devices” (top left corner) & select “Cubicon Style”

  4. Delete the cube on the screen & start with a blank screen

  5. In the top right of the screen, click on "Import"

  6. Once your file is imported, look at how it fits on the grid - do you need to adjust the size? Add rafts (does it need something to build upon)? Add supports (does your project have items that aren’t supported from the ground up?)

  7. Select “Slice”

  8. Once your file has "sliced" (the colour will change), hover over the "Slice" button and an "export" button will pop up. Click on that to export your file (the length of the print will pop up in this box once exported, do NOT print something that takes hours and hours to print as this is a shared device, talk to a teacher if you are unsure)

  9. Rename your file to "Mme Morgan Oct 20" then click "download"

  10. Save file on the SD card (special USB)

  11. Place SD card in right side of 3D printer

  12. Select file on the 3D printer display

  13. Press “OK”