Literazzi is an online literary journal that showcases the writing and artwork of seventh and eighth grade students at Oyster Bay High School. We meet during the school year to collect, edit, and revise submissions. This year, we have added a "Student Life" component in which students can share opinions and information about various aspects of their lives. If you are interested in becoming a part of this club, or if you would like to contribute, please contact for more information.


Ariana Bellio

Noelle Boruta

Kaleigh Bosch

Hannah Briggs

Sade Camilien

Leonardo Cecere

Elizabeth Chester

Ella Cortes

Sophia Dean

Destini Gaekler

Yoselin Garcia

Michael Gatti

Jonah Gluck

Rafaela Godoy

Emma Guevara

Katherine Jeannette

Nicholas Johnson

Michaela Lester

Laura McKevitt

Gianna Murphy

Kaylee Ochoa

Christian Quintana

Sabrina Rezk

Dylan Sattar

Soloman Khan-Syed

Paige Sweeney

Victoria Vojvodich

Kate Webster

Alexander Zavala

Special thanks to:

  • Dr. Laura Seinfeld, Superintendent
  • Dr. Lisa Mulhall, Asst. Superintendent
  • Mr. Michael Cipriani, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations
  • Ms. Sharon Lasher, Principal
  • Ms. Lara Gonzalez, Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Chris Elsesser, Assistant Principal
  • Mr. Ryan Butler, Assistant Business Official
  • Dr. Ryan O'Hara, English, Reading, and Library Supervisor
  • Oyster Bay-East Norwich Board of Education members: Dr. Michael Castellano, M.D. Mr. Todd Cronin , Ms. Robin Dando, Ms. Laurie Kowalsky, Ms. Ann Marie Longo, Mr. John McEvoy, and Ms. Alexandria (Aliex) Ross EdD.
  • English Department Faculty: Ms. Lydia Brady, Ms. Karen DiMaggio, Mr. Brian Donahue, Dr. Deirdre Faughey, Ms. Paige Hinckley, Ms. Laura Keenan, Ms. Maria Kim, Ms. Shannon Murphy, Ms. Nicole Schwartz, and Mr. Chris Weber
  • Last, but not least, the members of Literazzi who have come together to showcase the literary and artistic talent of the Middle Level: Soloman Khan, Sabrina Rezk, Ella Cortes, Sophia Dean, Destini Gaeckler, and Liam Trotman