Auckland Response Team North Shore

New Zealand Response Team 5

Established in 1988, the Auckland North Shore Response Team (NZ-RT5) are a group of volunteers who train weekly in order to prepare for disaster response. Our primary purpose is to provide additional response capability in times of emergencies and disasters for our local communities. We respond to emergency situations when emergency services require additional support or are overwhelmed. The team is currently owned and managed by Auckland Emergency Management.

The team serve the wider Auckland community. We have participated in community events such as the ANZAC day parades, Sirens & Sounds Festival, supporting the Auckland Marathon, even educating on ways people can prepare. We also respond nationally (as registered national response team 5) for declared Civil Defense emergencies, with members deployed to major incidents like the Canterbury Earthquake 2011, Kaikoura Earthquake 2016, Edgecumb Flooding 2017 and the 2021 Papatoetoe tornado

Please browse our website to find out more about who we are and what we do. If you are interested in joining the team or would like someone to contact you, you will find an enquiry form here.

Core Values


Respect is earned. As trained volunteers, every member needs to behave with respect to each other as well as to everyone we come across in the public realm.


We always work in a team whenever we are operating as responders. There is a high degree of trust and dependence on each other in order for us to complete taskings safely and efficiently.


As unpaid trained volunteers, our strongest driver is to help the people and community in need. Often unnoticed, response team members join and stay because we know why we are doing this. Not for glory but because we care about the people.

What We've Been Up To

June 2021 - Papatoetoe Tornado Response

March 2021 - Flood Response

Refresher Rotorua