Re-Writing the Declaration

NYU Ed Theatre Production

October 30 through november 8, 2020

What happens when a class of young Black women and non-binary folx of color take a trip to 1776?

A collage of time and space, a blend of character and self — the ensemble of Re-Writing the Declaration exists in both today and yesterday in order to change tomorrow. Believing that the founding fathers and documents never intended to include us, we consider the impacts of that founding on our lives today & realize it’s time to re-write the Declaration of Independence. On this journey, we visit some troubling moments in our collective past, while celebrating Blackness on the path towards freedom.

Catalyzed by the Movement for Black Lives, Re-Writing the Declaration is a devised, participatory play inviting audiences to center Black women, and femmes, non-binary, and trans folx of color, in order to free us all.

“It is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government,

and to provide new Guards for their future security.” --

The Declaration of Independence

Re-Writing the Declaration



(in alphabetical order by last name)

Andrea Ambam

Asha John

Kourtney King

Zanneta Kubajak

Cree Noble

Deanalís Resto

Simone Reynolds

Sabrina Sawyer


Amy Cordileone

Production Stage Manager
Cassie Holzum

Assistant Stage Manager
Jinx Ellwanger

Production Designer
Daryl Embry

Dramaturg/Community Engagement Coordinator
Kanomé Jones

Video Designer/Editor
Jaaron Drew Boger

Graphic Design & Animation
Naimah Thomas

Sound Consultant
Sarah Espinoza


Show Times listed in Eastern (ET) and Central (CT).

Friday, October 30
8:00PM ET (7:00PM CT)

Saturday, October 31
3:00PM ET (2:00PM CT)

Sunday, November 1
3:00 PM ET (2:00PM CT)

Monday, November 2
:00PM ET (7:00PM CT)*

Thursday, November 5
8:00PM ET
(7:00PM CT)**

Friday, November 6
8:00PM ET (7:00PM CT)

Saturday, November 7
8:00PM ET
(7:00PM CT)

Sunday, November 8
00PM ET (2:00PM CT)

*Denotes Industry Night **Denotes ASL Interpreted Show

Participatory Theater Notice

This is a participatory theater experience. Audience members will be invited to interact IN REAL TIME with the players.

This includes opportunities to play games, follow links, answer questions, and even an invitation to appear on screen!

You can opt in and out of every moment.