Logic Locking Conquest 2019


Logic Locking is a revolutionary technique for protecting Intellectual Property of Integrated Circuits from myriad security threats, such as reverse engineering, overbuilding, piracy, and hardware Trojan insertion. In this student-led Logic Locking Conquest Challenge, participants will attempt to attack designs locked with state-of-the-art methods. Participants will be provided with a selection of locked combinational and sequential designs (netlists) with varying complexity and key sizes.

This competition is open to students enrolled in undergraduate or graduate degree programs from around the world.


Update 8/13: A warm-up locked combinational netlist challenge is now available to download!

Update 8/23: Register now for access to the combinational netlist challenges!

Update 8/28: A warm-up for locked sequential netlist challenge is now available to download!

CSAW LLC 2019 consists of a Qualifying Round and a Final Round as part of the 16th Annual CSAW conference.

In the Qualifying Round, teams will try to unlock/de-obfuscate a collection of locked netlists. Teams will chronicle their approaches, tools, and other insights in a submission pack.

Teams with the best submissions are then invited to the Final Round at CSAW'19, where they will present a poster to a panel of judges.

If you have any queries, please email csaw-logiclocking@nyu.edu

How to PArticipate

  1. Form a team and nominate a team captain
    • Sign up online on this website!
  2. Download the Competition Resource Pack (to be released soon) -- You can start off with the Warm-up!
  3. Try to break the logic locking before 7 October 2019
  4. Prepare and submit a report on your attack approaches - more details to follow


  • Competition launches: August 2019
    • Organizers will provide registered teams a link to download the blue teams' locked designs as the round progresses
  • Qualifying Round deadline: 7 October 2019
    • Red teams submit their reports on their attack approaches, including the tools used and a discussion of the results
    • Final submission details TBD
  • Invitations to Finals sent out by 12 October 2019
    • Scores are tallied and the top teams are invited to participate in the Finals (total number of teams is TBD)
  • Finals: 8 November 2019 at NYU Tandon School of Engineering
    • Top teams present their attacks and defenses to a panel of judges that will include subject experts from US Government agencies, semiconductor companies, and defense contractors

NYU Center for Cybersecurity will support travel to the finals and offer monetary awards.


The US National Science Foundation, NYU Center for Cybersecurity